Crazy double decker bike was seen cruising down Indiana Road [Watch]

Cycling is very fun. Growing up, that’s all I did all day. In the summer, from the time I went outside, to the time my mom made me come home because it was dark, I was riding my bike.

Although I don’t cycle much these days due to lack of time to enjoy myself in this way, some people make cycling a part of their primary exercise and means of transportation.

There are countries where cycling is close or close to becoming the main mode of transportation.

Not surprisingly, the Netherlands has one of the highest cycling sponsorships in the world, with about 26 percent of all trips involving a bike. Japan ranks second with 11.5 percent, closely followed by Germany with 9.3 percent…Brazil and the United States have the lowest ride levels, both under 1 percent.

– bike net

Look at that, the US is finally dead. By pushing to save the planet by reducing emissions, perhaps we will start cycling for more than just exercise, sport and fun.

For people who commute to work like me, cycling to work is impossible. By car, I live an hour away from work. By bike, it will take about 5 hours to get to work. This means that I will have to get up at 12:45 am every day to work. Consider the five hours to get home from work and I have a little over five hours to sleep until I’m fine again and ready to ride my bike to work.

Wow, I’m just exhausted writing the script. very funny

This bike, spotted in northern Indiana, is the kind of bike I would need to make a very long commute to work from Philpot, KY to Evansville, IN. If I wanted, I could even bring my dogs to work.

With the price of gas still rising, we may all have to think about a more bike-friendly lifestyle. Perhaps, more of us may start working from home again.

We live very far from the city and cycling to get the things we need would be a problem too. All I can say is, thank God for the dollar store. Someone needs to talk to this guy about mass production of these bikes.

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