Consumer Reports Confusingly Says New SUV Was ‘Worth the Wait’

The 2022 Ford Bronco is part of a much-anticipated revival of the nameplate. And many enthusiasts have been eagerly waiting for the new SUV since it faced production delays. Unfortunately, the latest Bronco has quite a few flaws. Regardless, some owners are thoroughly enjoying the new SUV. Here’s a look at the 2022 Ford Bronco and Consumer Reports’ confusing comment about the SUV being “worth the wait” despite giving it an abysmal overall score. 

The 2022 Ford Bronco earned a poor score from Consumer Reports

2022 Ford Bronco Everglades (pre-production model) | Ford Motor Company

Consumer Reports gave the 2022 Ford Bronco an abysmal overall score of 47 out of 100. The low rating reflects the SUV’s road test and predicted reliability. The Bronco received a 55 out of 100 on its road test and a mere 2 out of 5 in predicted reliability. However, judging by owner surveys of similar models, CR gives the SUV the highest predicted owner satisfaction rating: 5 out of 5.

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