Comcast’s Notion launches PRO

Notion, a Comcast company, has announced Notion PRO, a new service plan for Notion’s smart home system. Notion PRO enables homeowners to extend the protection of their property with professional 24/7 monitoring for just $10 per month. By upgrading to Notion PRO, users may be eligible to save up to 15 percent on their home insurance premiums.

Notion PRO is a DIY security solution that requires no professional installation. The service works with Notion’s existing multifunctional sensors that monitor water leaks, door and window openings, alarms and changes in temperature. Once you have the Notion system, no additional hardware is required to upgrade to Notion PRO. You can set up Notion PRO to monitor water leaks and sound smoke/carbon monoxide alarms, helping to protect against the most harmful insurance risks inside the home.

By upgrading to Notion PRO, homeowners will be able to access the following benefits:

  • Affordable, round-the-clock protection Notion PRO includes 24/7 professional monitoring for just $10 per month.
  • Escalation of notifications – Notion PRO customers can receive group text messages and phone calls, so they never miss a notification.
  • Help when you need it – Notion can call emergency services when they can’t reach you.

Notion PRO is the answer to the growing desire for security solutions, especially when it comes to DIY protection. According to research from Parks Associates, residential security adoption increased to 36 percent of American households as of the second quarter of 2021, driven primarily by DIY security.

Notion partners with insurers in the US and Australia to help enable homeowners to proactively monitor their properties. Notion is constantly expanding the software, including the ability to open revenue sharing with Notion PRO partners.

“Smart home technology has allowed us to offer customers new and impactful ways to protect their homes and save on insurance premiums,” said Sarah Jacobs, Vice President of Product Development at Nationwide. “Hazards like water leaks often go undetected until they have already done significant damage. It is great to work with a partner like Notion who is constantly looking for new ways to help homeowners proactively monitor risks.”

“Notion Smart Sensors have changed the way homeowners and insurers proactively monitor risk,” said Thomas Fade, Notion’s vice president and general manager. “Notion PRO is the next evolution of that proactive monitoring. Homeowners will benefit from additional notifications and extended security at a lower monthly rate, while insurers will be able to offer policyholders greater discounts and may be eligible for a revenue share from Notion.”

To learn more, check out the details on how Notion PRO makes total home security a reality and how Notion makes insurance smarter with a DIY watch.

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Notion, a Comcast company, empowers home and property owners to be proactive in controlling their most valuable space and property. Notion’s intelligent monitoring system is committed to helping reduce the risks and complexities of real estate ownership. Through partner programs, Notion helps insurers, agents and service providers create value for their customers with Notion’s self-made smart home technology and professionally monitored security service. Powered by a multifunctional sensor and app, Notion aims to help increase customer acquisition, increase engagement, reduce claims and enable a premium offering. For more information, visit

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