Colorado Man Has a Collection of Over 30,000 Hot Wheels With Many Rare Cars

The passion for cars for many automotive enthusiasts started in childhood, with kids racing their Hot Wheels cars around a track or throughout the house. For some, the love for Hot Wheels continues into adulthood, with collectors amassing many toy cars. In Colorado, a man has a massive collection of over 30,000 Hot Wheels cars, including many rare types.

Kevin Feeley: Huge collection of over 30,000 Hot Wheels cars

Hot Wheels sign | Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Kevin Feeley, from Firestone, Colorado, is very serious about collecting Hot Wheels cars — and this passion started at an early age. He obtained his first Hot Wheels car in 1974 when he was eight years old. His grandfather gave him a “Thundershift 500 race track that came with a red Monte Carlo Stocker and yellow Torino Stocker.” As detailed by Times-Call, “Feeley wore out the track and cars, but his love for Hot Wheels has far from faded.”

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