Cleveland Browns rookie’s interests may intrigue Myles Garrett

BEREA — Browns rookie defensive end Alex Wright can already imagine a conversation with Myles Garrett over extinct reptiles.

“I may hear of a dinosaur I never heard of a day in my life,” Wright said.

A third-round pick from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Wright got goosebumps on draft night at the thought of teaming with Garrett, a three-time Pro Bowler and perennial candidate for NFL defensive player of the year.

But any potential bond may not center around football. In terms of their wide-ranging interests, Garrett and Wright seem to be cut from the same cloth.

Garrett loves art, music and poetry, dinosaurs, anime and Halloween. He has a separate Instagram account for himself and his dog, Gohan.

Wright played in the band from fifth grade until his freshman year of high school and is proficient on baritone, alto and tenor saxophone, along with the clarinet. He used to draw before he got to college and for a brief time there, sketching cars, figures, sci-fi scenes and “stuff I saw in dreams.” Even though he hated anatomy class, he still found it interesting.

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