Cleaning: ‘effective but affordable’ ways to properly clean radiators

Cleaning the radiators can also help reduce heating costs because dust buildup prevents heat from escaping. This can make heaters work harder and it may take longer to keep the room warm. While it may take some time, the experts at Stelrad have shared their top tips on how to keep them looking ‘shiny’ and ‘fresh’.

The experts said: “Cleaning the radiators is a task we all put off as it can be difficult to get to those tricky areas and quite frankly, this is the last thing we want to spend our time doing.

“While your radiators may not look dirty, unclean coolant can circulate dust particles and toxins throughout the room, so staying on top of your cleaning routine can make all the difference to avoiding inhaling them.

“Before you do anything, it’s important to make sure your radiators are turned off and allowed to cool completely.

“While you wait, prepare the area by laying some old bedding or a dusting sheet on the floor to reduce clutter and save cleaning time.”

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“Once you have what you can afford, it’s time to deal with the difficulty of reaching areas you’ve been putting off.

“An effective and affordable way to get in between the fins is to purchase a radiator brush, which is a long, thin duster that fits perfectly in those tricky spots.”

Cleaning also said that using a microfiber cloth around a long shaft or mop is also a “handy trick” if you don’t want to get rid of the radiator brush.

After all the dust has been removed, it’s time to move the last remains.

Radiator experts said, “In a large bucket or jug, mix some radiator cleaner or a natural soap in warm water and slowly pour over the top to dislodge any dirt.

Make sure the containers are set to the bottom to collect the water and repeat the process until the water coming out is completely clear.

“Once you are satisfied, do it again with fresh water to rinse off the coolant.

“While waiting for the inside to dry, focus your efforts on the outside of the cooler to restore its shine and leave it looking brand new.”

You should also focus on the work of pipes, overhead grille and valves.

Cleaning them regularly can help give the coolant a “new lease of life.”

The experts added: “Once you are happy that your radiators are completely clean, wait until they are completely air-dry before turning them on again.

“This deep cleaning should only be required once a year but regular cleaning is essential to maintaining hygiene standards and staying on top of any buildup.”

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