Citroen C4 Puretech 155 Shine Plus EAT8 Review

What is the difference between 130 and 155? Well, aside from the obvious, from 0-62 mph you’ll get a tad faster (8.5 seconds, compared to 9.4 seconds), do 1.5 fewer miles per gallon (according to official WLTP tests) and pay your Citroën dealer £1,000 more outright .

His residual value three years later is expected to be around £500 better as well. If you get it through a PCP financing deal, it will cost you an extra £19.40 a month over 48 months.

Is it worth it? Perhaps, if performance is really your top priority. But if you’re seriously considering a modern Citroën, you probably aren’t, given the French company’s unabashed focus on comfort and refinement over dynamics. Personally, I prefer to treat myself to a few pints at prom each month.

Our road testers concluded last May: “There is a certain Citroën relaxation, efficiency, and classic vibe about the car’s character, but it’s unfortunate here that the C4 doesn’t deliver its best potential. Although refined in special ways and conditions, its levels of comfort and isolation The car is disappointing at other times; and many of the tactics Citroen uses to try to make driving easier, make it less dynamically diverse and intuitive in a broader sense.”

I quote it because I couldn’t say it better myself. If you are going to specialize in comfort, you have to make sure that the car is undoubtedly comfortable while driving, more so than your classmates who don’t specialize in it on purpose. But at the risk of looking like a broken record, Citroëns just don’t seem to be able to get there.

It might not have been quite so stark had it not been for the last century ghosts of Citroëns. While these cars use an innovative hydraulic suspension system, to give them a real feel of slipping over road imperfections, the realities of the modern-size auto industry limit the likes of the new C4 to just rubber fenders.

Look, it’s a little better than the old C4 Cactus, but honestly I’d rather put up with the occasional heavy ride of something like a Ford Focus than try to stave off nausea from the constant, obvious rolling. And C4 still has the confidence-inspiring leash as the England footballers do in penalty shootouts. Maybe you’re feeling different, and that’s okay; Just don’t expect it to float on the cloud.

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