CHEVY NCS AT MARTINSVILLE: Post-race reviews and prices

The best chevy team unofficial Race results:

POS. Driver



Tenth CHASE ELLIOTT, NO. 9 Lomar Camaro ZL1

top five unofficial Race results:

POS. Driver

Ole William Byron (Chevrolet)

Thani Joey Lugano (Ford)

Third Austin Dillon (Chevrolet)

Ryan Blaney (Ford)

Fifth Ross Chastain (Chevrolet)

The NASCAR Cup Series season continues next weekend at Bristol Motor Speedway with Food City Dirt Race on Sunday, April 17 at 7:00 PM ET. Live coverage can be found on FOX, PRN and SiriusXM NASCAR Radio Channel 90.

Post-race notes and quotes for Team Chevy:

Your crew got the lead at the end of Stage 2. You did the rest all night. You had to avoid resuming the race late; Never put a wheel wrongly all night. How do you feel about winning in Martinsville?

“It feels great. When that last warning came up, I thought everyone behind us was going to dig and luckily we stayed outside. We were aggressive. We felt we could shoot the tires back and be okay; and you have one of the most aggressive guys behind you in (Joey) Lugano. I was I know I talked to the tires on (turns) 3 and 4 and left the bottom a bit open, but I was able to block my exits and get a good ride.

This one is for my mom. That same weekend last year, she had a type of mini-stroke and was diagnosed with brain cancer. Her presence here means a lot and it’s been a crazy year. But she does a great job. Thanks everyone for the support. It kind of felt like she was riding there with me. It’s great having her here and I will definitely enjoy it. “

She was definitely riding with you in the pit all night. Lots of smiles. What do you think of that moment when you see her a minute later?

“That would be great. I love my parents. They were very supportive, but also let me grow as I got older. Yes, I have a great support system. Thanks to all the fans for coming out. Great crowd. I’ve always wanted to win at Martinsville (motorcycle). I have Two hours this weekend, so I’m going to enjoy that.”

Austin Dillon, no. 3 GET BIOETHANOL CAMARO ZL1 – Finished 3rd

Best career ends here in Martinsville, Austin. We didn’t have to wait for you to come home. We’ve been talking about all of you for a long time. Are you excited where you ended up or upset because you were so close?

I’m a little troubled. I like to be proud of myself when we encounter these situations, and it was none other than that on the last reboot. I rotated the tires really well through the gears. Once I got back in line there, I had some grip, and I feel like we had a good drive forward all night and it felt like if we got into gears, we were going to hit it.

But getting Chevy’s bioethanol was really fast. We worked on removing our tails. I wouldn’t say we didn’t because we were in the simulator, we worked really hard to make this car as good as possible. We want to win the RCR, and that’s what we’re racing for. I want to shout out to my wife and Ace at home and thank the Lord for giving us such a good ride. That was so much fun.”


“It only took 300 laps so I could see the leaders. I don’t even know if we made any adjustments tonight. I don’t think we did, which is unbelievable because yesterday we needed so much. For once, I hope one of the cup races goes to Full 500. That’s weird, I never think so. Proud of the effort. Proud of being fresh from yesterday for Trackhouse.”


“We didn’t start the night great with a penalty that cost us a lap, but we fought hard. The Camaro, No. 16 in our Action Industries, has struggled for the long haul, so I think that hurts us more than anything. I think we learned a lot and made the most out of it. Today. It’s a small thing to build on, and we’ll keep moving forward.”

Justin Hailey, no. 31- Camaro ZL1 Leaf Filter Protection- Ended 31St

“It wasn’t the day we were looking for in Martinsville. We had some good speed in the short term, but we just struggled in the long run. Trying to get the car dynamics to work throughout the whole run is key to our short track programme. I’m looking forward to Bristol, which I think it will be good for us.”

General Manager Public Relations

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