Chevrolet says Argentina Cruze will be on the roads and tracks

Despite rumors of closure, Chevrolet Cruze Argentina Production will continue for the local market and racetrackDirect sources for the American brand confirmed this before consulting TN Autos.

“Our national industrialization model will be present on both roads and tracks.”The Chevrolet Argent was mentioned, invalidating versions that indicated there was little time left for serial production.

A few hours ago, TC2000 President Alejandro Levy surprised everyone by saying “The cruise will not be built next year And Chevrolet can’t compete with a car that wasn’t built.”

While presenting the class project for the future, Levi’s on the Champions Table was announced: Arrival of four-wheel drive vehiclesAnd the

TC2000’s flight. Photo: TN Auto.

Today, the TC2000 drives the Citron C4 Lounge, Renault Fluence, Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Fiat Cronos and Chevrolet Cruze models. Of the six, the first two are no longer manufactured in Argentina and production of the third has ceased.

Class regulation, as this broker learned, allows stations to part with vehicles that were closed two years ago. Therefore, if Chevrolet decides to stop making the Cruze, it will be able to run it until 2025.

true that There are fewer and fewer sedans and mid-size hatchbacks produced domestically In the market. Ford Focus, Renault Fluence and Peugeot 308/408 models have already ceased production in Argentina. And the same thing happens with Cruz, don’t feel illogical.

Chevrolet Cruze Midnight 2022. Photo: GM.

Chevrolet Industrial Project

While Cruise’s future is discussed, Chevrolet factory opens in Argentina Tracker mass productionThe result of an investment of nearly $300 million. From there it will be distributed to dealers in various markets throughout Argentina and the region.

More than 1,000 people have worked to integrate Manufacturing 4.0 into the national factory. The process included investments in capital goods, civil construction, and infrastructure. thank you for that, The campus has acquired 50,000 square meters In pressure, structure and assembly plants.

The Santa Fe factory also acquired new molds, machinery equipment, robots, and capital goods for the production line. with all this Increasing the installed production capacity from 80,000 to 115,000 vehicles annuallyAnd the

To date, the Chevrolet Tracker has been imported from Brazil, the country in which it will continue to be manufactured. For the Argentine subsidiary, this will be an important step: in addition to strengthening the sources of recruitment for General Alvear, You will earn dollars for import quota And bring in more S10, Onix, Onix Plus and Joy units from a neighboring country.

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