Cheerful Hertha surprised by ‘Not Possible’ car

Although starting only 14yended up driving 50 of 75 laps, beating two drivers – Simon Pagenaud and Will Power – who had won eight of 11 IndyCar races on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

“The most interesting thing is that you don’t have a car that works in wet and dry places – it’s not possible,” said Herta, “but that happened today.

“It was interesting. I felt comfortable in all circumstances.”

Herta, who also took his first IndyCar victory of the season for the Andretti Autosport team and Honda engine, said his decision to dig at the start of Lap 3, to replace his wet tires with Firestone side red spots, was crucial to jumping into himself. Leadership.

He said: “The call for spots to get wet is what made the difference.” “I think we won 15 [actually 13] Points on this transition. We pitted on roll 3. Everyone pitted on roll 4 or 5. We won [13] Sites in this transition to go from the fourteenth to the first.

“Yes, it was really cool. The team did a phenomenal job. They gave me such a great car.”

Herta had been in a long discussion with his strategy and his father Brian Herta before the final task over whether to want more red or turn wet as the rain returned and heavy rain was expected to imminently. In the end, they went to get more rouges, but all of their main competitors did the same, so when the rain got heavier, almost all of them went back to the pits.

He explained, “What we were talking about was, I said, ‘With the track conditions at the moment it’s probably going to be wet, but if you think it’s going to dry out or get wetter, that would change my decision. We thought it was going to dry a little, so we went to the spots. As soon as I got out there, I knew it was going to be tough, but I said, ‘If you guys think it’s going to be dry, we’ll stay here.'”

“I think they saw something on the radar that it was going to stay wet. We made the wrong decision, but fortunately everyone followed our direction and did the wrong thing too! So we didn’t actually lose that much.”

Herta admitted that part of his defense against Pagenaud in wet conditions came from watching TV screens on the side of the track, and hitting his pursuer with spray.

I probably shouldn’t tell you guys this, but I saw Simon come out [of the spray] On one of the reboots on TVs.” “I was watching TVs because I couldn’t see anything from the mirrors. Every time he came out, I would go down a little more [to the right] So he couldn’t see anything going on in Turn 1. I was laughing a little while putting on my helmet. It was coming off a bit, so I’ll go a little more. funny.”

Herta also had a big save on a wet patch in Turn 8 as Pato O’Ward followed up for the lead, with #26 Gainbridge performing a long reverse drift before drifting back to the line and allowing Herta to grab and pass Arrow McLaren SP’s driver.

He said, “I was on the racks, and I was pushing hard to get more of the wheel, but I couldn’t. I need to watch the video of what happened, but what I think happened was that it was dry, but maybe I came out a little wider at the corner entrance than I was.” And I got the back left on a wet patch or something.. That’s how it felt because I gave up and immediately lost everything.

“I would have been upset if I rolled in there, but I would have been more upset because I didn’t know it was to lead the race. I thought I might have been, like, tenth or eleventh. I might have gotten some points from that, so I had no idea about the place where I live.

“Yeah, I think that was one of the only mistakes we made today.”

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