Cheerful blue: 12 ways to bring the calmest color in the world into your home this summer

Opening doors to blue skies and seascapes (if you’re lucky) moves us in so many ways, chances are you’ll want to smile and take it easy.

Peaceful and calming blue is often cited as the most popular color in the world. And if you’re thinking of expanding your interiors to offer a summer blues palette, it not only evokes positive feelings of serenity, but you’ll feel one step closer to the wild blue.

For a high-end experience, combine faded lotion and ink, or solid baby blues pattern with other cool household items…

1. Seahorse Bone China Dinner Plate, £24; Lobster Pasta Dish, £24; Set of Four Reef Wipes Rings, £25 (other items from select range), Cornwall Cream

(Cornwall Cream/PA)

Table setting for your catch of the day is a “beach” thing with decorative crockery from Cornwall Cream. Choose from crustaceans and other sea creatures in a beautifully illustrative style, which can be paired with coral accessories for a taste of marine life.

2. Blue Whale Lampshade, from £65, Mountain & Molehill

(Mountain & Molehill/PA)

Available as a ceiling lamp or pendant with a white or gold interior option, this lamp shade is a real find if you’re looking for something whimsical and streamlined.

3. Garden Design Breathable Linen Bread Bag in Blue Duck Egg, £24, Helen Round

(Helen Round/PA)

Linen bread bags are having a moment in the sun, and if you’re a newbie to the fun of storing sourdough in a breathable bread bag, you’ll never look back.

4. Palma Blue Glass Decanter £29.50, Oliver Bonas

(Oliver Bonas/Penn.)

Continuing the trend of palm prints and elegant decanters on the bars of the house, the blue Palma bowl is custom built for all your drinking rituals, with just the right measure of wanderlust.

5. Moodyboard – Dusty Blue from Growme Melbourne, £149, Antipodream

(Antipodrem / PA)

Whether you want to tell a story through vacation snapshots and mementos, or decorate your workspace from home, Moodyboard ticks all the right boxes, with its magnetic surface and clever built-in shelf for storage.

6. Grandpa Olaf figurine – blue (sample removed), £54, my heart

(Mineheart / PA)

This owl head figurine may have a slight manufacturing flaw, but we think that’s part of its charm – after all, even a wise old owl had a few scrapes along the way. Grandpa Olaf wears an antique, nature-inspired costume.

7. Nidra Ink Border, £99 per roll; Turton Emulsion, £45 for a 2.5L, Woodchip & Magnolia

(Woodchip & Magnolia/PA)

Wallpaper on a Roll – But if you’re not ready to free up an entire wall for a modern print, a new ‘mini mural’ from Woodchip & Magnolia might be the perfect choice. Featuring a path through an idyllic blue forest, there is a choice of three coordinating paint finishes.

8. Set of 8 Framed Art, £120, Next

(next / PA)

With plenty of hanging possibilities, this set of prints in very attractive shades of blue flow together beautifully, and will transform an empty space into something serene and exciting.

9. Tudor Blue Embroidered Velvet Cushion, £48 (other items from select collection), French bedroom company

(French Bedrooms Company / PA)

A look that steals it, we love this antique pillow, especially when set against a shabby chic bench and a vase of dried flowers. The color of blue duck eggs lends itself nicely to bleached, light woods – and they have a knack for transforming anything you put together.

10. Lazy Linen Cornflower Blue Pair of pillowcases, double comforter and fitted sheet, £265 per pack, loaf

(loaf / PA)

When the heat is on, carefree summer bedrooms swirl around fresh, crinkled linen, bamboo storage baskets, and a perfect pair of mules to slip in.

11. Fiddle Leaf Fig & Fractured Blue Pot, £34 (£29 Soho Home members), Soho Home

(Soho Home / PA)

A collaboration between Soho Home and Leaf Envy, this fiddle-leaf fig loves ambient light (don’t we all), and its broad, dark leaves will enliven any space. The broken blue denim bowl is an added bonus.

12. Freya Bistro Set – Blue, £89, Dobbies Garden Centers (in store)

(Dobiz Garden Centers/PA)

Beautiful patio, small terrace or galley kitchen, this boutique bistro set is rightly reserved for two.

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