Check out this rare, one of the 66 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Gran Coupe Convertible for sale

If you are looking for a rare classic, the 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Gran Coupe Convertible is just what you need.

eBay lists it as one of 66 samples made. Of the total 566 Gran Coupe convertibles built in 1970, only 66 were equipped with the 383 4-cylinder V8 engine and automatic transmission.

Here are all the exciting details about this classic and rare powerful car with a top-coverage, large V8 and a great color scheme.

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This 1970’s Plymouth Barracuda is absolutely stunning

The Plymouth Barracuda received a new lease term in 1970, with a complete redesign and a major performance overhaul that increased sales by 50%.

The Gran Coupe was the deluxe style of Barracuda at the time, and it was packed with all the amenities that existed at the time.

This particular model also has muscle under the hood with a 383 cu in V8, paired with a TorqueFlite automatic transmission, and listing by a Florida dealer, there’s a $599 dealer fee included with the sale as well.

The dealer didn’t provide many details, except that the car had been with the collector for the past 30 years, and they had taken good care of it.

The listing says it runs and drives excellently, although there are no details on whether the engine was the original, swapped out, or even repaired.

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Only hours left to bid on the classic Plymouth Barracuda

The car comes with all the luxuries a Barracuda could bring back in the day including power windows, leather bucket seats, power roof, air conditioning and Rally package gauges.

A Kenwood sound system has also been added.

There are less than 10 hours left to bid on this beauty and its last bid of $50,100, which has yet to meet the reserve.

The classic ‘Vitamin C’ orange comes with a stunning cream interior that looks close to touching, and with just 65,478 miles on, we can’t quite believe how amazing it looks, inside and out.

Previous owners have revised the paint, too, and the fender marking and build sheet confirm this vehicle is listed.

With about 335 horsepower on tap and enough torque to get you back in the seat, the Plymouth Barracuda can sing an engine tune that will be music to any muscular car fan. It will be interesting to see what the extremely rare Barracuda top sells for.

Source: eBay

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