Cheapest Dodge Challenger Hellcat In the U.S. Is A Crazy-Good Deal

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat is a fairly universally loved car. Its remarkable power output can get brand-loyal fanatics of other muscle cars to fess up and say, “OK, that’s pretty cool.” However, being so universally loved has kept early Hellcat resale values pretty high. They are, however, getting more affordable with time. After all, the original Hellcat models are now seven years old. Dodge debuted them in 2015, so the more mileage they keep racking up, the more affordable they’ll be for the general public!

Here’s the cheapest Hellcat Challenger currently for sale online

Red Dodge Challenger Hellcat | Ted Soqui/Corbis via Getty Images

This is a bold claim to make. However, after some digging, it appears that the cheapest Dodge Challenger Hellcat currently for sale in the U.S. is this 2016 example that’s for sale on Truecar. Fortunately, despite its stellar price, it’s not shy on equipment!

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