Cheap cars are more likely to appreciate and make money

Cults classics, collectibles, performance bargains, and quirky tours have the potential to be appreciated in the future. This means that you can buy a cheap or affordable car as an investment or buy something that you will likely drive for a few years while still holding on to the cash. You will likely appreciate these cheap cars and will make a small return on your investment either way.

The Pontiac GTO is a blend of design aesthetic and tough American muscle

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Pontiac GTO rate | Matt Maran Automotive

Available in bright colors with the 6.0-liter V8 engine, the Pontiac GTO lives up to its historic name. While consumers from other markets might call it Holden or Vauxhall in a different complexion, the GTO is a beast of its own. Although compared to vintage-inspired muscle cars like the Ford Mustang and the newer Dodge Challenger, the GTO’s design is understated.

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