Charging along the electric tourist path

When planning a trip, the electric vehicle driver should take into account the ability to charge, either quickly (on the highway) or slowly (overnight in his place of residence), as evidenced by a recent trip to Tasmania. The NSW Grant Program for Destination EV Chargers is designed to facilitate this planning by building the largest destination charging network in Australia, thus creating ‘Electric Tourist Engines’.

The New South Wales state government will set up a network of electric vehicle destination chargers at thousands of regional tourist sites and fast chargers every 100 kilometers along major highways. Chargers are also being installed across passenger car parks at stations and transport assets in NSW to improve access to electric vehicle charging as part of everyday commuting. A list of chargers approved by the NSW Government has been prepared jointly with the Electric Vehicle Council.

These will be in addition to the chargers provided by NRMA and Tesla.

“Electric vehicles are growing in popularity and this will help ensure that there are charging stations in our regional areas needed to welcome visitors who drive electric cars,” said Matt Kean, Treasurer of New South Wales. Electric vehicle sales have tripled this year alone, according to the Council on Electric Vehicles.

The Electric Vehicle Destination Fee Grant Program was launched this week, with $20 million in funding for up to 3,500 destination chargers in regional councils, motels, wineries, coffee shops, and other small businesses. The government plans to spend another $151 million on charging infrastructure over the next four years.

“Electric Vehicle Destination Charging Grants can be used to purchase and install select Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers as well as programs to take advantage of each charger’s smart capabilities. This includes:

🔌 75 percent off purchase of up to four chargers for AC destinations per on-site location

⚡ 75 percent off charger installation (maximum $1,000 per charger)

✅ 50 percent off a two-year shipper program subscription.

Many electric vehicle owners in Australia have accepted our prime minister’s challenge and set out to spoil the weekend with a drive to rural attractions. Infrastructure charging is always a consideration for the place we visit. Planning a trip around shipping can lead to new discoveries. We visit Hidden Creek Winery not only for the great food, good wine, and excellent service but also for the Tesla destination chargers that are available there.

Regional Transportation and Roads Minister Sam Faraway said: “This will grow local economies and support small businesses in areas affected by the coronavirus, bushfires and floods.

The NSW government is targeting key business areas to make New South Wales the easiest place to buy and use electric vehicles in Australia. The strategy includes rebates ($3,000), phasing out stamp duties for electric vehicles, targets for the NSW government fleet, incentives for council and private fleets and significant investments to ensure widespread electric vehicle charging coverage on a global scale.

“The strategy aims to increase sales of electric vehicles to 52% by 2030-31 and help NSW achieve net zero emissions by 2050.”

Tesla chargers in Gundagai.

Electric car tourists will be looking forward to a chance discovery along these electric touring motors as they roll out the chargers.



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