Center launches prepaid smart metering app, DISCOMs Consumer Service Ratings

On Friday, August 5, the central government launched a mobile pre-measurement and consumer service index smart application for Distribution Companies (DISCOMs) after RK Singh, Union Minister for Energy and New and Renewable Energy, chaired the Planning and Monitoring Review (RPM) meeting of the interstate and state electricity utilities .

The meeting was attended, along with R.K. Singh, Minister of State for Electricity and Heavy Industries Krishan Pal Gurjar, senior officials of the Union Energy Department and Electricity Department. The Ministry of Electricity stated that during the meeting, several issues of national importance related to the electricity sector were discussed.

RK Singh launched the Bharat eSmart Mobile Application (BeSMA), the 10th integrated rating for power distribution facilities and the first ever consumer service rating for DISCOMs.

More about the Bharat eSmart Mobile App (BeSMA)

Bharat eSmart Mobile, a free smartphone application for prepaid smart meters, has been launched in a bid to further empower the consumer in preparation for the wide application of smart metering. This mobile application will rely on data from smart meters and will give consumers important information about their usage and how much electricity is still in reserve, in terms of units and money.

In addition, the app offers a variety of alternatives and gateways like UPI, net banking, credit and debit cards, etc. for simple payment and easy mobile recharge. The objective of this smartphone app is to delight consumers by giving them control of their electricity usage in near real time, helping them use electricity according to their needs, changing their consumption habits to improve energy efficiency, and helping them reduce costs. . The mobile application is well equipped to protect personal data and is built with strong security guarantees.

Integrated Classification Ten for Power Distribution Facilities

According to the ministry, an integrated rating exercise has been conducted annually since 2012 with the aim of evaluating the performance of facilities on a variety of factors, including their ability to maintain improvements year after year and their ability to maintain financial sustainability. The current classification exercise, the tenth in a series, has thoroughly evaluated and altered the classification process.

According to the ministry, the assessment now focuses more on financial performance while assessing the operational effectiveness and external ecosystem of DISCOM units.

Dexcom’s first-ever Consumer Service Rating (CSRD) launched

Singh submitted the first-ever Consumer Service Rating for DISCOMs (CSRD) for the 2020-2021 fiscal year as part of several reform initiatives aimed at ensuring the best possible service to electricity consumers across the country.
According to the ministry, the report accurately depicts the state of consumer services across the various Dexcom.

On a seven-point scale, DISCOMs were evaluated according to several specific parameters. The goal is to enable top performing DISCOM teams to share their best practices while helping other DISCOMs identify critical areas for improving performance.

According to the Federal Ministry of Electricity, these steps will pave the way for an efficient and sustainable power distribution industry.

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