Celebrity interior designer Sheryl Eisen makes real estate history, sells Miami mansion for highest price per square foot the city has ever recorded

The house that was listed in $4.9 million And finally sold for 5 million dollars (Fully furnished vs. $5.3 million), was nearly double what Eisen bought less than a year ago. While IMG has designed homes for celebrity buyers and sellers, including the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezosthe rolling stones’ Keith Richardsthe actor Daniel CraigBravoTV characters Frederic Ecklund and Bethenny Frankel, this house was designed to be Eisen’s entire property, and to integrate her life once again New York City In her new tropical paradise.
Inspired by the famous architecture of the Guggenheim Museum, Essen has reimagined the house, transforming traditional Miami interiors into a more modern minimalist style with New York City edge. Other changes include the once ornate iron staircase now replaced by a carved white Guggenheim-esque spiral staircase, the white porcelain tile floor in place of the earlier yellow and orange mosaic marble, and the classic Murano chandelier removed from the foyer with a two-story polished chandelier vertically spanning Now down from the 25-foot-high domed ceiling.

“I was hoping to enjoy the house for as long as possible, so I priced it at what I thought was a completely unattainable number,” Essen said. “I never imagined that a bidding war with property would eventually break out in the history of real estate.”

“Even in the hot market, the record price and speed of this sale were much greater than expected,” he said. Darren Tansy From Douglas Elleman, property registry agent. “Cheryl and IMG’s truly unique design is what clearly sets their homes apart.”

Other renovations of the house include the removal of many Corinthian walls and columns to create a more open design. Eisen also reimagined a former fireplace with a Baroque frame and hood into a distinctive Venetian-lacquered monolithic wall, flanked by 25-foot floor-to-ceiling mirrors, a signature of her designs. The sale represents the second high profit in recent times Florida Staging from Eisen and IMG in recent months. In April, a mansion in a highly desirable area Palm Beach Billionaires row sold out $48.5 millionDespite its location, overlooking the sea. For more information on IMG, visit www.imgnyc.com.

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