Caton’s Ultimate Austin-Healey 100: A $515K Restomod ‘Bargain’

Austin-Healey 100 restomod article highlights:

  • The Austin-Healey 100 served as a mid-level British convertible sports car in the 1950s
  • A new UK shop, Caton, is building a limited run of restomods based on the early four-cylinder BN1 model
  • Although the Healey by Caton costs roughly $515K, some original Austin-Healey 100 models are worth almost double that

Porsche 911s aren’t the only beloved classic cars receiving high-price restomod builds these days. Vintage Mini Coopers, Range Rovers, Alfas, even E30 M3s—if you have the cash, a dedicated restomod shop likely exists. And as of recently, this pool includes an Austin-Healey business. But while Caton’s Austin-Healey 100 restomods aren’t cheap, even with six-figure price tags, they’re also arguably bargains.

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