Car and Driver April 2022 Issue


Editor’s Letter: How I Got Here
The new editor-in-chief shares how he got to Car and Driver.
Tony Quiroga

Drive Your Cars Now
There are people who buy toys only to set them on a shelf and stare at them, but that isn’t any fun. If you’ve got a vehicle you love, get it on the road.
Ezra Dyer

Comfort Mode
Recent drives have us ruminating on heated seats and warm memories. There’s more to how we feel in a car than just what we feel from the road.
By Elana Scherr


Car and Driver

⬆︎ Around the World in 356 Days
Renée Brinkerhoff started rally racing at age 57 with an ambitious goal: to race a 1956 Porsche 356A on every continent. Neither vehicle nor destination daunted chief mechanic Simon Redhead. Here’s how Valkyrie Racing conquered the globe.
Derek Powell

How Will You Celebrate National Pothole Day?
You hate potholes. We hate potholes. The founder of the National Center for Pavement Preservation explains where they come from and why they’re so hard to keep fixed.
By Benjamin Hunting

The Evolution of the Side-View Mirror
A modern mirror reflects on its ancestors, as illustrated by the 2022 Toyota Tundra and the 1965 Toyota Stout pickup trucks.
By Elana Scherr

Car and Driver

⬆︎ EV Motors Explained
Electric motors have only one moving part, but a look into the three types and how each works proves they are far from simple devices.
By Dan Edmunds

Storage Wars
What the future holds for EV batteries: in the near term, two types of lithium-ion cells will dominate.
By John Voelcker

Can An EV Power Your House?
Ford’s F-150 keeps the lights on.
By Csaba Csere


⬆︎ Grind Hard and Put Away Wet
A salvaged Tesla Model 3 finds a watery grave in the desert.
Jason Stilgebouer

P.J. O’Rourke, Acerbic Voice of Unreason, And Unrepentant Car Enthusiast, Dies at 74
O’Rourke was most famous for his satirical writing in The National Lampoon and his sharp, witty political essays, but some of his finest work happened here at Car and Driver.
By Jamie Kitman

What to Buy: 1992–2000 Lexus SC300/SC400
These 90s coupes are still a bargain.
By James Tate


Car and Driver

⬆︎ Blues Brothers
Maserati’s stage-setting mid-engine MC20 meets Porsche’s apex-predator 911, the Turbo S Lightweight.
By Ezra Dyer

Tested: 2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance
Lucid creates a cutting-edge 1111-hp EV out of thin air and gives us a rare look at just how expensive it is to do so.
By Dave VanderWerp

Tested: 2022 BMW i4 M50
BMW reimagines the 3-series in electric form.
By Dan Edmunds

Tested: 2022 Kia EV6 GT-Line AWD
Kia’s new electric crossover’s design is inspired by an Italian sports car.
By Jens Meiners


⬆︎ 2024 Volkswagen ID.Buzz Microbus Reinterprets the Iconic Original
Our first experience with Volkswagen’s EV van shows it to be a worthy successor to its ’60s progenitor.
By Mike Duff

Comparison Test: 2022 Honda Civic Si vs. Hyundai Elantra N vs. Volkswagen Jetta GLI
The affordable sports-sedan segment isn’t for everyone, but it’s definitely for us.
By Tony Quiroga

⬇︎ Tested: 2022 Bugatti Chiron Super Sport
This version of the Chiron will be the last, a 1578-hp parting shot before electric motors join in on the fun.
By Tony Quiroga

Marc UrbanoCar and Driver

Tested: 2022 Audi S3
After skipping the 2021 model year, a redesigned S3 arrives for 2022 with more power, a sharper look, and a reworked cabin.
By Joe Lorio

Tested: 2022 Lexus LX600 Ultra Luxury
The formerly one-dimensional luxury offshoot of the Toyota Land Cruiser takes bold new steps to modernize itself for a wider audience.
By Dan Edmunds

Tested: 2022 Volvo S90 B6
Swedish for limousine.
By Greg Fink

⬇︎ First Drive: 2022 Ferrari 296GTB
Suffused with technology, Ferrari’s V-6-powered 296GTB nonetheless delivers a scintillating driving experience.
By Mike Duff


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