Calvert Carpet Depot Store Plan for Colburn

A parish council has claimed that plans by a leading carpet retailer to shop near a very busy road “would completely deprive local residents of the right to live in peace.”

Brough St Giles Parish Council has urged the Richmondshire County Council Planning Committee to reject Calvert’s Carpets’ proposal to build a 1,360-square-meter warehouse with a commercial counter and sales showroom opposite Brough Garage, off A6136 Catterick Road in Colburn.

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In planning papers to support the app, the Thirsk-based company, which has grown since the early 1970s with sales at town halls and market stalls at one of North Yorkshire’s most popular retailers, said 38 parking spaces would be made available in the store.

Ahead of Tuesday’s planning meeting, an agent for the company highlighted how several carpet warehouse plans had been approved for the site, but said the latest proposal featuring retail will bring business to the area and boost the area’s sustainable economy.

After a request to build a Starbucks and Burger King on the site in 2018, Brough St Giles Parish Council filed an objection to that plan as well, stating that the “heavily crowded” A6136 was the main artery from the A1 to Garrison and to Richmond and that there were often “accidents nearby.” Near the proposed site.

In its objection to the warehouse plan, the parish council said the scheme would increase overcrowding and the risk of accidents.

The statement read: “It is nearly impossible for pedestrians to cross the road either above or below the roundabout.

“The above would completely deprive the local population of the right to live in peace without increased traffic noise and vehicle pollution.”

The planning officer’s report to the meeting notes that there are no other flooring outlets in the vicinity other than the Calvert Carpet Building in nearby Richmond and Brompton.

It states: “Normally, outlets of this bulky merchandise type are not what would normally be expected in towns/local centres, given the size and space requirements of such operations.

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“For these reasons, this is considered a sustainable site for the type of operation being proposed.”

The officers concluded that Calverts Carpets’ proposal would be “much less likely to cause adverse noise effects” than the Burger King and Starbucks app.

They added that warehouse operations were not likely to be considered as a separate source of noise in nearby residential properties.

Recommending approval of the scheme, the report states that the warehouse store will have an “acceptable relationship to the adjacent property and will be of a scale and design proportional and consistent with its surroundings”.

She added, “There are sufficient parking lots proposed for the development and the development will not compromise the safety of the highway…”

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