Bugatti unveils two more paint jobs for Chiron Sur Mesure

  • Bugatti has revealed two additional designs from its bespoke Sur Mesure division: the Chiron Super Sport and the Chiron Pur Sport.
  • Bugatti calls the paint jobs Vagues de Lumière (“waves of light”), and the Super Sport takes on a bold blue and orange look.
  • Meanwhile, the Pur Sport is a little lower, with a blue and blue paint job.

    Late last year, Bugatti launched its own division, Sur Mesure, giving customers the opportunity to customize their rockets traveling over 200mph to the max. The first product of the Sur Mesure program was the baby blue Chiron Pur Sport watch with red accents in honor of Louis Chiron’s 1931 French Grand Prix victory at the helm of the Bugatti Type 51. Now Bugatti has revealed two more Sur Mesure creations, the Chiron Pur Sport Others and the Chiron Super Sport are hand-painted to mimic the road, says Bugatti, “The finely crafted body panels of the marque’s super sports cars reflect the light.”

    Bugatti calls the paintwork “Vagues de Lumière,” meaning waves of light. One of the first Super Sports to reach customers, the Chiron Super Sport arrives with a base finish in California Blue. Layered on top are dangling stripes in Arancia Mira, an orange hue. This color also adorns the magnesium wheels – reminiscent of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS of the 2000s – as well as the leather interior. The number 38 is drawn on the overridden grid “at the request of the owner”, as well as in the Arancia Mira.

    Despite the large rear spoiler, the Chiron Pur Sport looks more subtle, thanks to the blue and blue paint job. The body itself is exposed in Carbon Blue, while the flowing stripes around the supercar are a slightly lighter blue. Each rear wing finisher plate bears the French flag and the number 9 is drawn on the grille. The interior is trimmed in a combination of Beluga Black leather and French Racing Blue. Bugatti says the paint schemes seen on these two methods took about five weeks each and were painted by hand. While the Super Sport’s orange and blue look may be a bit loud for some people’s taste, the paintwork is amazing. We look forward to creating the next Sur Mesure.

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