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Spanish kitchenware brand Lékué offers a range of products for preparing, storing and transporting food.

The parent company of Dutch homeware company Brabantia has acquired Lékué, a Spanish brand focused on preparing food and products on the go, for an undisclosed amount.

Brabantia, which is more than 100 years old and sells in 90 countries, will oversee Lékué and Dutchdeluxes, a Dutch kitchenware brand in which it took a majority stake in 2019, as well as its own line of products, which includes laundry items. Grooming, tools, kitchen utensils, and bathroom items, among other categories.

Barcelona-based Lékué will continue to exist as a brand. With its warehouses in Barcelona, ​​Brabantia provides synergy to Brabantia in sales and logistics in southern Europe and accelerates Brabantia’s growth in France and Spain. Brabantia also plans to expand Lékué’s presence in Northern Europe.

“I am pleased with this acquisition,” said Tijn van Elderen, CEO of Brabantia. “This is our second acquisition, and with this move we now have three strong brands that make life more beautiful, fun and sustainable. The acquisition will also help us achieve our international growth goals. Lékué offers beautiful food enjoyment products that complement the existing Brabantia range. The acquisition is part of our strategy to create a platform An international brand in the middle and upper segment of the interior design and home products segment. We intend to expand this platform even further in the future.”

“I am happy and proud that we are now part of the Brabantia family,” said Raphael Sebastian, CEO of Lékué. “Brabantia’s expertise in production and logistics and its strong relationships with traders and distributors in this sector will help us operate more effectively in the rest of the world. Brabantia’s drive for innovation has led to major advances in design and sustainability. Those are also the areas that Lékué prioritizes. Therefore, there is a good fit. between our strategies and we have come to good agreements.”

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