Boston’s “double feature creatures” live in the memories of Monster Kid

If you grew up as a ‘monster kid’ in Massachusetts in the ’70s and ’80s, you must have been a fan. creature double featurethe weekly broadcast of consecutive horror and monster movies on WLVI-TV 56 every Saturday afternoon.

despite creature double feature It was heavy on the Godzilla movies, and it’s also where I was introduced to many horror movies and characters that I would have loved all my life, and it definitely shaped who I became a horror fan and paranormal researcher.

In fact, when Ernie Bosch briefly brought back creature double feature In 2006, we invited him to WBSM’s The south coast is nervous To share memories of the original race and the movies it will show every Saturday starting at 1pm, always with the introduction of booth announcer “Tom Evans” (real name Neil McNavin) and the song “Toccata” by Emerson, Lake and Palmer.

Fun fact: As a kid, I wanted to be “Tom Evans” when I grew up. I was sitting in my room pretending to be a WLVI booth announcer, presenting upcoming shows and practicing station sign-in and recording. Needless to say, I also imagined myself one day declaring creature double featureHis film collection, even years after the show went off air.

creature double feature It started on channel 56 as 4 O’Clock movie In 1972, a batch of Godzilla films aired for the station, before eventually running late into the nights. creature feature. Soon, he moved to Saturday afternoon and became creature double featureThe rest is the history of Boston television.

Comedian Dana Gold, who grew up in Hopedale, Massachusetts in the 1960s and ’70s, recently posted a photo to his Facebook page wearing a jacket. creature double feature T-shirt with Boris Karloff’s version of Frankenstein’s monster. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to get one for myself, so I tracked down the website that had it and immediately ordered one.

I arrived earlier this week, and posted a photo on my social media to share my excitement about my cool new T-shirt. Next thing I knew, everyone was asking me where I can get one of theirs, and they share their own watching memories creature double feature growing up.

It’s a private group, we “monster kids” who spent Saturday afternoons choosing to be inside watching Godzilla take on other giant creatures rather than running outside or riding our bikes. I will wear my new shirt with pride knowing that I am part of those who have experienced it creature double feature in all its glory.

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