BMW X5 gets a new matte black finish and window color

Premium protective films completely transform the look of the 2022 BMW X5 xDrive45e with Matte Black SatinGuard PPF.

The Premier Protection Films YouTube channel usually features covers of exotic cars like the Lamborghini Huracán and Ferrari F8 Tributo. But the last video highlights Colonel Wilson’s magical work on “Mother of Football” BMW X5 xDrive45e. Glossy black BMWs are as common as ants on a summer outing, but turning this SUV into a matte black beauty helps separate this SUV from the pack.

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BMW gets the luxury treatment

At the beginning of the video, we learned that Bimmer is getting the luxurious treatment. Not only will the exterior be wrapped with matte black paint protection film (PPF), but the owner will want a heat-tight window tint to protect the genuine leather interior. At the same time, you want a car that is personal and unique.

In addition to PPF and tinting, the car gets a surface coating to extend the life of the film and reduce the need for washing.

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What we don’t see in the video

Thanks to the wonders of video editing, viewers see the transformation process happen in a matter of minutes. But packaging and coloring is a delicate and detailed process. Completely encasing a vehicle can take hours, if not days, to install. Tinting all the windows in an SUV is a half-day process, at best.

Apparently the only things needed were PPF, a spray bottle with fixing solution, and a squeegee. But there is more. The vehicle should be clean and free of dents (matte PPF highlights any imperfections on the body) and the squeegee action should remove any bubbles completely.

It’s disappointing that we don’t see a glossy black film installed over the chrome grille; The conversion is not talked about in the video. The aggressive look of the updated front end is a nice contrast with the smoothness of the matte exterior.

About matte finishes: paint and PPF

Calling car paints with a matte finish for the trend is an understatement. More and more high-end cars are now available with muffled bodies. BMW calls this style “Frozen,” and there’s a rainbow of colors available. But there are drawbacks. Matte paint requires additional maintenance steps and there can be an extended factory waiting time.

Matte PPF delivers the same effects without the wait or hassle. In addition, the factory coating gets protection, and the silent appearance is not always.

Sources: YouTube / Premier Protection Films

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