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Is it a sports car? Is it a family car? performance car? How about all of the above. Sleek and stylish, the BMW X4 M offers plenty of space for the whole family, and acts as an absolute beast. The acceleration is fast, the handling is fast.

But this is not the full story. The X4 M may be a great car, but it faces more competition than ever. It seems like everyone is buying a crossover or SUV these days, and every company is selling them. Many of them are wonderful. Add to the fact that the BMW X4 M comes in at $74,595 without Options, a bit tricky selling.

This doesn’t mean you should ignore it though. Depending on your wants and needs, a BMW X4 M may be right for you.

The BMW X4 M Competition

Rating: 3.5 stars

BGR may receive a commission

BGR may receive a commission


  • elegant design
  • luxury cabin
  • Incredible performance
  • agile steering


  • uphill ride
  • There is no space as large as the X3

2022 BMW X4 M Competition Exterior

The BMW X4 M has a coupe-like exterior which helps give it a sporty look and feel, although it is slightly larger than the typical coupe. Love the small click of the rear spoiler and the large 21-inch wheels in a V-shape on our review model. The base model comes with 20-inch wheels, but based on photos online, these tires look very good too.

BMW X4 M Front CarImage source: Christian de Lauper for BGR

More controversial is the look of the front end of the car, but I like that too. I’m used to the larger grilles in modern BMWs, and the kidney grilles in the X4 M are still far from the size of the i4. These are paired with a number of different vents and side grilles, and while they look a little busy at times, I don’t think they look occupied in a bad way. The headlights are slim and medium-looking, too, which helps offset the smiley face’s lower grille.

BMW X4 M SideImage source: Christian de Lauper for BGR

The rear is certainly less busy, featuring another set of slender lights and quad exhaust tips.

The car I am reviewing is Malachite Green Metallic. It looks nice, but based on the pictures online, I think I prefer the São Paulo yellow.

Interior Design of the 2022 BMW X4 M Competition

If you’ve ever been in a modern BMW, you’ll instantly recognize the interior of a BMW X4 M. And that’s not a bad thing – I really like the interior of a modern BMW, right down to the big, bright screen, excellent leather stitching, and the layout of the physical controls. . The interior is also very comfortable, thanks to the 14-way power-adjustable front seats, making it easy to reach the ideal position.

BMW X4 M controls.Image source: Christian de Lauper for BGR

Overall, I find the controls in the BMW X4 M easy to use and intuitive, especially when it comes to things like climate and sound. You’ll get three climate zones, so passengers can dial in their own settings.

The downside of the X4 compared to the X3, for example, is the reduced passenger space in the rear. This largely has to do with the sloping roofline. Now, while there’s less room, I still find the X4 to make plenty of room for most situations. I’m 5’11 inches tall and have a few inches of clearance while sitting in the back. I think two adults in the back or three kids is perfectly reasonable in an X4 M.

The sloping roof also affects trunk space, and having more space in the trunk would be nice. However, there’s still enough for everyday use – you’ll get 18.5 cubic feet of space. Compared to the X3 M’s 28.7 cubic feet, it’s clear that if you want something with plenty of room, you should opt for the X3.

2022 BMW X4 M Competition Infotainment

The 2022 BMW X4 M comes with the BMW iDrive 7 platform, and it’s…good. BMW now offers iDrive 8, but iDrive 8 is mostly only found in its electric cars at the moment. In general, iDrive 7 is not bad. It offers some home screen customization, allowing you to tweak the information you’ll get. I found it responsive to touch controls.

BMW X4 M infotainment systemImage source: Christian de Lauper for BGR

Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with iDrive 7 at all if you don’t want to. The car supports CarPlay and Android Auto through a wireless connection. I had some trouble connecting my phone via bluetooth the day I got the car, and spent a good 30 minutes trying to connect it. The next day, for some reason, it worked the first time I tried, and I had no trouble connecting after that.

Performance of the competitive 2022 BMW X4 M

The BMW X4 M looks great and is comfortable to drive. But the reason to go This is amazing The car, with this trim, is performance. And boy the performance of the BMW X4 M Competition. The car features a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter i6 engine that delivers an impressive 503 horsepower and 442 pound-feet of torque. You’ll get from 0 to 60 in an amazing 3.6 seconds. Overall, I found the eight-speed transmission to be fast and smooth.

BMW X4 M rearImage source: Christian de Lauper for BGR

But not everything about driving a car is perfect. The car comes with a very stiff suspension, no matter what driving mode you’re in. While suspension may be necessary for a heavy vehicle like this, it affects everyday driving in a negative way.

Fortunately, there are several driving modes that you can switch between according to your preference, and like any M car, you can get detailed breakdowns of the customizations. The level of driving customizations can be a little overwhelming at times, but luckily you can set the presets to be accessed using the M1 and M2 paddles on the steering wheel. It is a good solution to the problem of this high level of customization.

Driver Assistance System 2022 BMW X4 M Competition

If you’ve driven any other modern BMW, you won’t be surprised too much when it comes to driver assistance features – but that’s a good thing. The car offers a number of useful features, especially if you are willing to pay for some options.

The wheel of the BMW X4 M.Image source: Christian de Lauper for BGR

You’ll get a number of basic features, like a backup camera, lane departure warning, and blind spot monitoring, but you’ll also get things like a 360-degree camera view when reversing, which I find can really come in handy for things like parallel parking. This feature is available in the Executive Package, which also adds a head-up display.


The BMW X4 M Competition is a car that does it all, it’s fun to drive and fun to look at. It works like an absolute champ, and even though the suspension stuff takes a bit of an experience, I still find it fun to drive.

Only one problem. They’re expensive, they face a lot of competition, and part of that competition comes from BMW’s own cars.

However, if you end up buying a BMW X4 M Competition, you won’t be disappointed.

The competition

If you want a great BMW crossover SUV, then it is worth considering the BMW X3. The X3 is slightly cheaper than the X4 M, and a bit larger – making it a better choice for larger families. It’s also worth considering the Porsche Macan, which performs incredibly well, has plenty of room inside, and costs less than the X4 M. Ultimately, most should buy the Porsche Macan on the X4 M. A good idea is to consider a non-M X4, which offers A similar overall design, but not quite as sporty in terms of look and feel.

Should I Buy the 2022 BMW X4 M Competition?

Yes, but you should think carefully about whether it is a better option for you than the Porsche Macan and the standard X3 and X4.

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