BMW Design Boss emphasizes quad tailpipes for all M Performance models

Domagoj Dukec, Head of BMW Design, has officially confirmed that all future models of the M Performance line will come with quad exhaust pipes, a feature previously reserved for M cars. However, despite having the same number of exhausts, the designer admitted that they will retain a level of differentiation in their shape.

More specifically, during an interview with BMW Blog, Domagoj said: “All M Performance models will now have four exhaust pipes. You will also see this on the new X1 and all upcoming M Performance cars. But not the round pipes because they are not the high-performance model. It will be different some The thing is, more design, and for the M models we will have different models.”

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The improved BMW M135i xDrive will come with quad tailpipes in place of the current model’s more refined twin tailpipes.

We already knew BMW would be expanding the range of four-tube models from our press stories. Both the hottest next-generation BMW X1 and the upgraded M135i xDrive hot hatch with four exhaust pipes are spotted. While those were round in camouflaged prototypes, we think the production version will have some kind of different look of add-ons. Unlike most manufacturers who use fake exhausts, BMW looks to the real thing with all the pipes fully functional.

The new BMW M760e, which is actually the only model in the new 7 Series with visible pipes, comes with quad exhausts that feature an elongated and angular shape that matches the lines of the diffuser. This shows that it’s not a proper M7, but it hints at the improved performance of the hybrid powertrain which in this case produces up to 483 hp (360 kW/490 hp) and 700 Nm (516 lb-ft) of torque. Keep in mind that the previous generation V12-powered BMW M760i also came with a four-pipe, although it’s not an M car.

The new BMW M760e is the most powerful 7 Series model powered by an ICE engine

The change brings the lower M Performance line a step closer to the M line in terms of looks, and more in line with the competition’s sporty design features. However, BMW designers made sure that you wouldn’t easily mistake 3-Series M performance for an M3, due to the different body kits, which is not the case with Mercedes-AMG Line models and full AMG models.

As the BMW blog noted, as we enter the era of electrification, this may be the Bavarian automaker’s last chance to add more exhaust pipes in the back of its latest ICE-powered models. Do you agree with BMW designers on this or do you prefer your M Performance with twin tailpipes?

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