Black Cruise revisit their roots with ‘1972’ EP: Interview

Chris and Rich Robinson were schoolchildren in 1972, grew up in suburban Atlanta and still years away from their global success as Black Cruz. However, that period would leave a profound impact on their music, songwriting, and general attitude toward their work.

Like many artists of their generation, Al Robinsons fell in love with the legends of the ’60s and ’70s: As children, their father frequently played records of Bob Dylan, Sly Stone, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, He and Joe Cocker, among others. As the years went by, and they began to grow into their own identities, Chris and Rich continued to follow the track, listening to albums from the likes of Prince, Clash, Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys and more, and somehow got back to where they started – in Georgia, with an eye movement. fast

“I remember where I was the first time I heard ‘Radio Free Europe,'” Rich told UCR, “and there was just something about the guitars and the tune, and their exposure to their Southern experience and what it meant to them. …Chris and I grew up and got along with the REM version of This: It was beautiful, it was organic, it was subtle and strangely soft.”

They investigated various music scenes in Athens, Georgia, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, as well as parts of California and the Paisley Underground movement of the mid-1980s, in which the music of Dylan, Byrds, Neil Young, Velvet Underground and Rolling Stones brought them full circle to their roots.

“We went through all of this to get back to our starting point of desired expression, which is rock and roll,” Rich says.

When Black Cruise released their first album, Shake your money maker, in 1990, those unfamiliar with the brothers’ ages may have assumed they were older musicians. The LP immediately drew comparisons to 1970s rock, which is sometimes described as “retro”. This nickname was initially something of a flattery but sometimes took on a more negative connotation. “The Death of Rock,” a 1991 essay titled “The Black Crowes of Early Rolling Stones as Christian Slater by Young Jack Nicholson,” wrote a “self-aware tradition, but good enough on its own.”

That made sense mathematically: the music industry was only removed two decades from the top of the 70s at that time Shake your money makerrelease. For the Robinsons, Black Cruz was simply continuing the rock ‘n’ roll tradition as others had done before. “It’s just music; it’s just expressions,” Rich says. “That’s what resonated with us.”

And Chris adds, “By the way, a few years later, a green day [wore] Reptiles and they look punk, but they are not reactionary. I always thought this was ridiculously dumb. I understood, “Oh, punk is cool. Bell-bottoms aren’t great.”

Inside Sessions of the Black Crowes “1972” EP

Black Crowes still don’t care whether bell bottoms are cold or not. They’re revisiting those roots more directly with a new EP called 1972It features six songs released during that great year. Delivery date May 6, 1972 He runs the gamut from David Bowie’s “Moonage Daydream” to Little feat’s “Easy to Slip.”

The idea for the project, which was completed in partnership with Amazon Music, has been on the table for a few months now. Once they narrowed down their song selections—a process Rich modestly describes as “difficult”—they headed to Los Angeles’ Sunset Sound studios, where the likes of The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, Tom Petty, and dozens of other notable rock bands recorded acts.

This was the first time the brothers had been together in the studio in many years. Also in attendance was the band’s old guitarist Sven Pippen, who returned to the lineup last year. (Steve Gorman, the former Black Cruz drummer, recently sued Chris and Rich for allegedly not paying royalties and not participating. The recording experience mostly felt like old times. Rich had already tracked many of his parts and also recorded more from his studio at home.

“It’s normal,” Rich says. “We grew up doing this. I mean, the first time I went to the studio, I was 15.” “It’s all with us – there’s not much planning. It’s all just how we feel…because be Squad and we can go in and hit it. No semi-truck computer programmers necessary – just plug in your amplifier, play the song, and get out. ”

Rich argues that rock music is still “viable and valid” today. employment 1972, Al Cruz once again focused on recording music that was authentic to themselves, honoring influencers without sacrificing their style.

“I don’t want to sound cliched, but it’s really a love letter to this music that inspired us and we feel it has a lot of magic in it,” Chris says. “There will be someone who doesn’t know ‘The Slider,’ who hasn’t really heard of ‘Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone.”

Like Chris said, songs 1972 are examples of the type of music that served as a “means” of creating Shake your money maker All those years ago. Decades later, the Black Crowes are still not afraid to wear their bearings up their sleeves.

“We wanted to get close to him and we wanted to inevitably get into this session with all the world’s love for this music, and if we can bring some life to it and find the little places in it here and there to make it Black Cruise, that’s what it’s about,” Chris says.

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