Big discounts on unsold electric cars in 2021

In 2021, a large number of electric powered vehicles were created. Of these, many are still on the market. And thanks to scrapping and ecobonus, they cost very little!

Big Discounts for Electric Vehicles – Motori.News

The Electric Vehicles (EV) They are becoming more and more every year suitable. And if we look at the cars released in 2021, considering everyone Discounts Relatedecubonus, Electric cars are becoming the real deal. Once in Italy electric poles Shipping will be more and more e more effective, Electricity we are sure of that will explode.

6 cheapest electric cars for 2021

cheapest car If we look at the market last yearand the Skoda Citigue IV For only 18 thousand euros with many other things electric cars Approximate price 19-20 thousand euros. As a general rule, Fiat, Skoda, Mazda and Vauxhall, It’s the most electric car economy in 2021.

he is here, We have set This is a useful list of the top six electric car cheaper on Market, put 4 mini cars and 2 SUV’s, And of course with all discounted prices Thank you Skimming and environmental reward.

Skoda Citigue IV. – Engines

1) Skoda Citigue IV. Skoda Electric has a range of about 217 kilometers 16 thousand eurosIt can be recharged80 percent In just one hour. This is the Skoda E. electric car cheaper on Market. This electric city car offers 100% VoidFor up to four people, and with maximum torque, it provides a smart way Move around the city. The car is also completely Connected , Via the app Connect from Skoda. This gives access to a file Navigation and information On the current scale, in addition to allowing drivers to control functions from remote control.

2) mg ZS EV. It’s a four-wheel drive car fully electric, Economical to operate and good quality.Purchasing price. It has a range of 250 km and bears 80% of the 45 minutes. This is a copy purely electric, from Croatia MG Gasoline. It is similar to their closest competitor, Hyundai Kona Electric But without such a high price. With Plenty of space in the back compartmentThe car is equipped with all the usual safety kits such as Cruise Control Adaptation, blind spot detection, braking independent emergency. It also includes some of the latest hardware, like a great screen on it Apple CarPlaySatellite navigator and keyless access. Good choice for anyone looking for a file Electric SUVs For less than 33,000 euros.

The cheapest electric car ever

Aiways U5
Aiways U5 –

3) Aiways U5. This is another 4WD electric car Autonomy about 335 Kilometers at an approximate cost 35 thousand euros, It can be recharged up to 80 percent in 45 minutes. This is the Medium sized SUVs From China’s Aiways. With 63 kWh e. the battery Expected autonomy fair 335 km, And the speed from 0 to 100 is 7.5 seconds, U5 It must be a direct competitor to Kia e Niro and Hyundai Kona. U5 also stopped itself. Press the auto parking switch and let the U5 get hard I work for you

4) e-Mii electric seat. It is amazing electric car It has a range of about 230 km. Cost approx 19 thousand eurosIt can be recharged 80 percent In about 60 minutes. A renamed version of the Skoda E CITIGOe iV as part of the Volkswagen AG range. This is the cart It is an electric version of Powered by traditional Mii, But with new alloy wheels, a new instrument panel, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and ambient lighting. like her sister carThe e-Mii is fully connected, via a smartphone app via Connect the seat.

5) Volkswagen e-up! (second generation). Also this car, a full batteryAbout to travel 230 km. It also costs about 17 thousand euros, Recharges in 60 minutes for about a liter80 percent of his potential. Built with sister vehicles, Skoda E CITIGOe iV and SEAT e-Mii, The second generation of e-Up! It’s one for loyal Volkswagen fans. The first generation of e-Up It’s been on the market since 2016, but this new model benefits from a larger battery size that doubles independence model Existing.

Volkswagen e-up!
Volkswagen e-up! – Engines

6) Fiat 500e. Depending on the equipment, this electric car It can travel up to 320 kilometers. it costs About 25 thousand eurosIt only recharges 80% 30 minutes. created for the city The new Fiat 500e He is a junior editor sexy car for travel Newspapers in the city. with self-driving Integrated Level 2 this little one The city car has an assistant driverHelping you while driving, braking, accelerating and staying in lanes while driving Do you drive. who wants for travel A little further, there is a situation mid-range codeWhich comes with a 199 mile battery but for 5 thousand euros more. For this, you will also get 85 kW fast charging.

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