Best New and Used Cars and SUVs for Commuting in 2022

While people buy a sports car for driving excitement or a pickup truck for the utility that it provides, a commuter car serves one primary purpose. It enables you to complete your commute in a hassle-free and comfortable way. Take a look at the best new and used cars and SUVs for commuting in 2022. 

What are the best new and used commuter cars (sedans and coupes)?

2020 Honda Civic Coupe | Honda

As detailed in My High Plains, iSeeCars compiled lists of the best new and used cars for commuting. One list is for sedans and coupes. The other list is for crossovers and SUVs. iSeeCars based its commuter car rankings on several criteria. This includes reliability, safety, fuel economy, legroom, average new car price, and average three-year-old used car price.

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