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The best office design starts with a great desk. The best home office desks feature an ergonomic design, well-thought-out proportions, and just the right amount of accessories. Whether you need a compact work surface for a small home study or a large desk for a more spacious office, these contemporary desks are sleek and elegant, while functionality comes from features like built-in USB ports, lighting, and hidden storage.

Designed by some of the most iconic creative minds and produced by some of the world’s best furniture manufacturers, our office desk range includes historic designs, multifunctional workstations, essential furniture pieces and desks in bold colours.

Browse our selection of the best office desks by contemporary makers

Huge desk designed by a budding designer

Noun: bow desk
Designer: Jumandi Sis
price: Demand

Designed as microarchitecture by emerging Belgian designer Jumandie Seys, this massive desk is the result of a series of 3D visualizations exploring the endless possibilities of digital display. The starting point of the design is inspired by the architectural arch that defines the curved symmetry of the piece. The weathered leatherette fabric used for the desk’s upholstery adds textured depth to the piece, making it a stand-out desk.

slim writing desk

Noun: baguette desk
Designer: Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Magis
price: Demand

Originating from the popular Baguette dining table by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Magis, this small writing desk features cast aluminum legs and a thin Fenix ​​veneered surface with painted ABS trim. The Baguette desk is available in three color combinations: beige with white edge and legs, burgundy with black edge and legs, and gray with black edge and legs. The perfect writing desk for turning a corner into a home office, it works just like a small dining table for small spaces.

Rediscover an iconic office

Noun: office desk
designerr: Bodil Kjaer, Karakter reissued
price: 47.999 DKK

Created by Danish architect and designer Bodil Kjaer in 1959, this office desk was originally designed for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and later became popular with the screening of the early James Bond movie in the 1960s. Karakter re-released the minimalist semi-floating design in 2018, the rosewood and chrome combination of its origins refreshed with a modern twist. In this new version, an oak top, complete with discreet drawers, sits atop a lacquered aluminum frame (available in red or gray). At the time of its inception, the office was part of a larger group of things that demonstrated Kjaer’s approach to a flexible work environment, with elements that could be combined by each user to suit different needs. The desk’s basic design and modern life make it as relevant today as it was when it was first designed.

Slim and adaptable leather desk

Noun: Terrazzo desk
Designer: Nicolas Bonribossi for Botoko
price: 1500 pounds sterling

Known for its combination of creative innovation and artisanal tradition, Italian furniture company Potocco worked with designer Nicola Bonriposi to realize this new office. Featuring a subtle silhouette and subtle detailing, “Terrazzo” is an ode to simplicity and elegance. The slim metal chassis is fully restrained, while the leather desk top adds a luxurious touch, and the straight back partially encloses the workspace and prevents stationery from falling out. Brushed brass accents complement the design.

Stylish desk with functional details

Photography: Emmanuel Tortura

Noun: romantic desk
designers: David / Nicholas, for the Carpenters’ Workshop exhibition
price: Demand

In true David/Nicola style, the Romancier desk for Carpenters Workshop Gallery features exquisite detailing, from the oval purple leather upper to the saturated brass hardware, and curved, wavy Amaranto legs that serve as storage cabinets. Combining the functionality of a home office desk (such as well-thought-out proportions, discreet front drawers and roomy cupboards on each side) with eclectic elegance, the Romancier desk, available in a limited edition of 8 pieces, follows a large selection of Beirut duo for the show, which showcased the studio’s design talent Through a wide range of furniture made of stone and wood.

Beautifully designed small office

NounTreviso office
DesignerBy: Matthew Hilton for L. Ercolani
price: from 1885 pounds sterling

This compact desk from Matthew Hilton combines compact size with smart design and honest craftsmanship. Available in ash or walnut, the desk features built-in drawers and a high shelf, and takes up little room in the room thanks to slanted legs and a small desktop space. The design recalls Ercol’s history and modernist aesthetics, which have been updated by Hilton to fit the modern workspace.

Historic office desk reimagined for the future

Noun: Petit Bureau en Forme Libre
Designer: Charlotte Perriand, Cassina reissued
price: Demand

Part of Charlotte Perriand’s freelance design experiences, Cassina’s Petit Bureau en Forme Libre was originally designed for her own studio in Montparnasse. Perriand’s pioneering design approach is evident in the curved shapes of the home office desk, allowing users to approach the piece according to their needs and allowing for flexibility of use. The desk was an innovative design when it was first designed in 1952, and it remains a furniture design marvel to this day. Made of durable Canaletto wood and available in black, the Perriand desk has been discreetly updated with optional space for cables, combining modernity with added functionality.

Leather-wrapped office desk combines Italian expertise with a Japanese aesthetic

Noun: Irene’s office
Designer: Kensaku Oshiro by Poltrona Frau
price: £4,150 + VAT

Designer Kensaku Oshiro was inspired by the Japanese concept of “iren” (referring to the “invisible but deliberate continuity between points, lines, and characters” in Japanese calligraphy), a movement that ensures perfect harmony between the symbols. The resulting office desk consists of a combination of harmonious lines and practical details. With simple movement, the dual desktop can be nested to expand the workspace or create storage, and charging and USB are hidden in a leather-covered metal case. The gently curved work surface is designed for a more comfortable arm position, and the desk is also available in a wall-mounted version with convenient LED lighting.

Colorful office desk to create a work alcove at home

Noun: Akira’s office
Designer: Matthias Hahn on Schönbuch
price: from 2,950 EUR

The ‘Akira’ home office desk designed by Mathias Hahn for Schönbuch is a bold piece of furniture that is both a functional workstation and a quiet retreat. The compact surface can be extended to maximize desk space, and the desk includes storage compartments that can fit a laptop and notebooks, as well as a smaller pouch to fit pens and similar items. The desk is a sculptural piece of art whose elegant design is enhanced by a rich palette of lacquered and uncoated finishes, which can also be customized to create bold and contrasting color combinations.

Compact and versatile workstation that adapts to any environment

Photography: Amos Frick

Noun: touch unit workstation
Designer: Studio Class Leonie Four
price: Demand

This versatile office workstation adapts to any environment, from airport lounges and libraries to high-end offices and private studies. It sits on 360-degree swivel casters and offers a rich palette of colors and configurations and compact storage, plus a walnut desktop, allowing you to work sitting or standing. The wired version comes with hidden USB ports with a retractable door and a rechargeable battery, while the wood and leather drawers let you display your sharp stationery on the sideboard (or hide them inside, if you’re the messiest of disposition).

Organic Standard Table

Name: “POV” table
Designer: Kaschkasch for Ton
Price: 7,493.53 euros (for the “Buff” table 467)

Designed by Cologne-based studio Kaschkasch and produced by Czech benwood specialist Ton, the ‘POV’ range of tables in two heights, three basic types and six tabletop shapes. The bases are made by joining three curved plywood shapes, and the same process is used to produce a stackable conical chair. The set is available in beech, oak and American walnut, and can be finished in different colors.

Add a small desk with room for plants

Noun: “The World of Plants Wheel”
Designer: USME
price: 1,373.10 pounds sterling

A classic design since its inception in 1965, the “USM Haller” modular system branches out with a new range that features integrated plant pot dividers, allowing you to build a towering green wall or a simple herb display around your desk. Not only should the metallic mesh of the furniture contrast and the soft cascading plants aesthetically pleasing, the greenery should also help reduce stress and promote creativity. The assortment includes plates of five sizes and 14 colors, clay or basalt pots, and an unremarkable watering set.

The small writing desk that fits anywhere

Noun: Harry S . writing desk
Designer: Peter Ferenc for More Mobile
price: from 2517 euros

This writing desk is sleek and elegant while small enough to fit anywhere. Featuring a walnut and oak veneered table top, the table design is defined by a curved edge that results in a thin writing surface, a wider side for a ribbed tray, and a discreet cable cover.

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