Bayne’s expands its challenging cider venture to cement its position as a regional tap house

Pine’s Apple Valley Farm, a fall destination known for its cakes, apples, caramel, and pies, aims to become a regional destination as it expands its offerings on tap two years after launching its hard cider venture.

The family-owned seasonal apple orchard, bakery, coffee shop and gift shop, located at 5395 Midland Road, M-47, in Saginaw County, was purchased by the Coughlin family, originally from Saginaw, four and a half years ago.

Owners Shawn and Jenean Coughlin knew they wanted a liquor license after buying Bayne to help turn it into an “experimental apple orchard” where people could bring their family and friends to spend the day. Their son Ben helps make this dream come true.

“I knew this could be a big deal,” Ben said. “Bayne, for 52 years before you bought it, was a place where you come in and get your pie and cider and leave in five or 10 minutes. Now people stay for hours on end with the drinks we have and the food we have and the experiences we offer.”

Ben Seven makes its own hard cider with juice pressed at Bayne’s. His brand is called Project Bayne’s Cider and the cider is only available at Bayne’s tap house. But Ben is working on turning his product into cans to sell statewide over the next year.

Its cider is made in batches of 500 gallons and processed in our North Detroit facility.

“The guy I made it with, his name is Paul, he’s one of the most decorative cider makers in the country, and he and I can do some really fun things together,” Ben said.

“If you come to the Traverse City area, for example, a lot of places here do relatively similar things because they try to mimic their apples that they grow on site,” Ben continued. “But since we get all of our apples from Grand Rapids, I’m not related to the actual apples themselves, compared to most other ciders. That means I can kind of manipulate the juice we squeeze.”

For example, one of Ben’s latest creations is blueberry-flavored hard apple juice with blueberry Dum Dum Lollipops dissolved in it. Another type of pineapple juice is mango flavored with a combination of Mexican spices such as ghost peppers and reaper peppers.

Pines house tap

Photo provided by Ben Coughlin

Pines house tap

Pines house tap

Photo provided by Ben Coughlin

Bayne’s makes seven hard drink wines and works with 18 hard wine companies across Michigan to fill 24 taps.

Additionally, Applejack is based on the song titles. For example, passion fruit pineapple juice is called “Tropic like it’s Hot” after the song Snoop Dogg. Blackberry Lemon Rhubarb juice is called “Back in Blackberry” after the AC/DC song.

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