Bay Area man gets 8 years for Caltrans worker death on the highway on I-80

The 31-year-old driver and ex-con accused of killing a Caltrans worker near Vacaville on June 3, not appealing all charges, was sentenced Wednesday to eight years in prison in Solano County Superior Court. .

Taji Jacquard Holliman, who on June 21 in Section 9 waived his rights and filed non-appeal cases in eight felony and misdemeanor counts, heard Judge Carlos Gutierrez deliver the sentence: six years in state prison, two prisons in Solano County.

Holliman, a former San Francisco resident, represented by Deputy Solicitor General Sarah Johnson, defended the murder of Coanda McGadney, 51, of Fairfield; being a criminal in possession of a firearm; Possession of ammunition; driving under the influence of a traumatic drug; Manslaughter on vehicles without gross negligence; possession of heroin, a controlled substance; Possession of methamphetamine, which is also a controlled substance; and being an unlicensed driver.

Court records also show that the probation was denied and Holman was assessed at more than $15,000 in fines and damages.

Deputy District Attorney Christine De Leeuw represented the DA Solano County office during a Wednesday morning hearing at the Fairfield Justice Center.

A press release from the DA Solano County Office recounted some facts in the case:

At 10 a.m. on that first June, Holleman was heading west on Interstate 80 near Lagoon Valley Road in Vacaville. At the same time and in that area, McGadney was standing outside her work vehicle on the north shoulder of I-80 while wearing reflective gear and a helmet.

As he approached, Holliman leaned over his shoulder, hitting McGadney, who died at the scene.

Holeman, driving a white Mazda 3, fled the scene, but with the help of the Good Samaritans, he was eventually caught in Fairfield by a California Highway Patrol officer with the help of a Fairfield police officer and arrested. Holman was found on parole with a firearm, ammunition, and multiple syringes containing heroin.

The Solano County DA office filed its complaint against Holliman on June 7.

Court records also show that Holman was convicted of first-degree murder on July 13, 2011, in Juvenile Court in Sacramento.

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