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Nissan introduced this quirky crossover to Canada five years ago, making its debut at the North American Auto Show in 2017. Half a decade later, it has held a small market segment between two other models in Nissan’s lineup, slightly smaller in dimensions than the popular Rogue but larger From funky Kicks.

Under the hood is the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, which is typical of the segment and generates 141 horsepower with a similar amount of torque throughout the ride. As with many of its competitors in this market, front-wheel drive is a standard package. Unlike many of its competitors, the Qashqai is currently available with a manual transmission in the base, installed for $22,198 and offers the opportunity to line up your gears. How long this option will last is under discussion.

Glacier White is the only $0 paint option on the Qashqai base, with Magnetic Black or Gun Metallic requiring $135. Caspian Blue is available at the same price but forces the choice of light gray fabric seats that are easy to carry. Steel wheels with 16-inch plastic hubcaps are a dead giveaway as this is entry-level trim, even the next-class SV wears 17-inch aluminum alloys. However, the power side mirrors are heated, the rear spoiler protrudes from the rear hatch, and LED daytime running lights brighten the front end.

A 7-inch touchscreen handles infotainment tasks, and features the ability to connect via Bluetooth or USB. There’s also an AUX port for anyone still living in the ’90s. Four speakers are twice less than the number found on other Qashqai models. The unit also features satellite radio capability, which is a rarity on base models on some other brands. One-zone air conditioning might raise meteorological disagreements with the pair, but at least the tilt steering column/telescope will allow them to seat comfortably when they kick you out of the heated driver’s seat.

The type of active driving assistants now appearing on vehicles priced at $22,198 far exceeds what was found on expensive luxury models a short time ago. This less expensive model from the Qashqai features intelligent emergency braking with pedestrian detection, rear cross-traffic alert, as well as lane departure warning and self-interference.

what to choose

Since spending more money on the higher Qashqai rims doesn’t currently produce any extra power, one should try to get into the least expensive model as possible. Lack of supplies will make finding the stick transmission very difficult; With a restyled model on the horizon, locating any Qashqai could be a task.

That’s why readers of the alert have noted this batch of Base Camp deals with a 2021 car, a year that doesn’t align with the current calendar. Nissan’s consumer website does not indicate the 2022 model, the machine which will likely wear a new design when it appears in the next few months. We hope our favorite design – changing the base model stick – remains on the agenda.

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