Automated Prescription Machines and Zapp Shelters Among Derby Planning Apps

More than 30 planning applications have poured into Derby City Council in the past week, including permission to build Zapp shelters at Alstom Train builders and a change-of-use application to give a new home to Bamfords Auctioneers. Most of the remaining applications are local and include a range of extensions and whole new homes.

Alstom already owns the Zapp Shelter, which is used for storage, and the company wants to add two more to its Litchurch Lane location. Futuristic-looking buildings are an integral part of the company’s train manufacturing process, depending on the application. While Bamford’s wants to move the fine art auction house to a former snooker hall in Spondon.

This is what a typical automatic prescription dispenser looks like

Branches of Wilson Pharmaceuticals in Oakwood and Sinven hope to obtain planning permission to install automated prescription-collecting machines. This will allow pharmacy staff to dispense medications as normal and then securely load dispensed bags into machines using barcode technology. Customers are notified that their prescription is ready and are provided with a one-time-use PIN, which they use to collect the medication, which takes only a few seconds.

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People have the right to comment on planning requests and a general consultation usually takes about 21 days. Applications are usually decided within eight to 12 weeks unless they have to go to a planning monitoring committee to make a decision, which can be a longer process.

For more details on the following applications, you can access the city council planning portal here. The reference number for each application is in parentheses.

* Bungalow back extension of the tenement house – 45 Courtland Drive, Alvaston DE24 0GL (22/00955/CLP)

* Installing an Automated Prescription Machine – Wilson Pharmacy, Unit 2-3, Oakwood County Center, Oakwood DE21 2HT (22/00988/full)

* Installing an Automated Prescription Collecting Machine – Wilson Pharmacy, 18-20 Seinevin County Center, Arleston Lane, Seinevin DE24 3ND (22/00987/full)

* Single Storey Side and Back Extensions for Dorm House (porch, utility room/shower, storage and dining room expansion) – 12 Lindon Drive, Alvaston DE24 0LN (22/00980/full)

* Bungalow Rear Annex (Living Space) – 166 Stenson Road, Littleover DE23 1JG (22/00979/full)

* Single Floor Front Annex to Dorm House (Lounge Expansion) – 29 Elmtree Avenue, Allenton DE24 8EU (22/00974 / full)

* Two-story, aft, aft and one-story extensions of the residence home (study, wet room, utilities, kitchen/dining/sitting area, en-suite and three bedrooms) – 15 Rykneld Way, Littleover DE23 4AT (22/00975/full)

* Outbuilding Installation (Extension Housing) – 22 Michigan Close, Chaddesden DE21 6WD (22/00985/full)

* Use of land to locate a mobile home for additional use to the main dwelling – 22 Michigan Close, Chaddesden DE21 6WD (22/00986 / CLP)

* 20m high unipolar installation, equipment cabinets, and further development – Highway Edge, Kingsway, Derby (22/00982 / PNRT)

* Construction of a home with detached garage (use category C3) – land adjacent to 8 Friars Close, Darley Abbey DE22 1FD (22/00973/full)

* One-story rear extension of the residence (extension of kitchen/dining area), installation of dormer window to rear elevation and new window to side elevation of first floor to form rooms in deck space (bedroom and en-suite bathroom) – 14 Newbridge Crescent, Shelton Lock DE24 9FR (22/00976 / full)

* Single-storey side and rear extensions of a residential house (lounge and dining area) and cantilever installation to rear elevation – 52 Merchant Street, Derby DE22 3AQ (22/00644/full)

* Bungalow side extension to dorm (office, wet room and garage/storage) – 2 Rockhouse Road, Alvaston DE24 0GD (22/00977/full)

* Installing dormer windows on the rear elevation – 186 and 188 Upper Dale Road, Derby DE23 8BQ (22/00981/full)

* Display of two indoor illuminated digital display panels – Former Public Convenience Building, Sinfin Lane, Sinfin DE24 9GL (22/00972/ADV)

* Display of two independent billboards for the event – Land Station Approach / Siddals Road, Derby (22/00820 / ADV)

* Fence and front gate erection – 414 Burton Rd, Derby DE23 6AJ (22/00995/full)

* Accommodation of two Zapp shelters – Alstom, Litchurch Lane, Derby DE24 8AD (22/00940/full)

* Two-story and one-story extensions of the dwelling house. Additional housing construction (use Class C3) – 20 Bethulie Road, Derby DE23 8UT (22/00936/full)

* Change of use from Snooker Club (Sui Generis) to Auction Room/Fine Art Sales Room and Offices (Sui Generis) including elevation adjustments – 46 Nottingham Road, Spondon DE21 7NL (22/00997/full)

* Condominium Residence (Use Class C3) – Land on Royal Hill Farm, Royal Hill Road, Spoondon DE21 7AG (22/00993/full)

* Removed top of existing exterior fire escape staircase to rear elevation, modified existing exterior door opening at second floor level to form a window to match adjacent windows, removed interior fire glazing for five first floor windows and replaced ceiling finish up to remainder of stair – Pearson Building King Street, Derby DE1 3EE (22/00797/LBA)

* Residential development – two townhouses (use category C3) – land at 19 Perth Street and 42 Tewkesbury Crescent, Derby (22/00999/out)

* Replacement single-story roof installation, refurbishment and modifications to existing single-story aft roof, interior wall removal, and replacement tailgate installation – 4 The Square, Mickleover DE3 0DD (22/00971 / LBA)

* One-Story Rear Extension (bulk out beyond the back wall of the original house by 3.52m, max height 3.7m, height up to eaves 2.5m) to Dwelling House – 175 Haven Polk Lane, Letlover DE23 4AF (22/00655/PNRH)

* Change of use from offices to seven apartments (use Class C3) – 4 Vernon Street, Derby DE1 1FR (22/00983/full) (22/00984/LBA)

* Bungalow Front Extensions (Balcony and Bay Window) – 16 Sevenoaks Avenue, Mackworth DE22 4HU (22/01011/full)

* Display different banners – | Jurys Inn, King Street, Derby DE1 3DB (22/01001/ADV)

* Two-storey and one-storey apartment house annex (family room, garage, toilet, 2 bedrooms and bathroom) – 171 Western Road, Mickleover DE3 9GS (22/01004/full)

* Interior illuminated digital double-sided display – bus shelter next to 198 Derby Road, Chellaston (22/01003/ADV)

* Indoor illuminated digital double sided led display – bus shelter opposite Chellaston Academy, Swarkestone Road, Chellaston (22/00998/ADV)

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