Women’s World Cup 2023: Qualified Teams List, Qualifier Updates

The 2023 Women’s World Cup will be the first event of its kind featuring 32 teams, and qualifying for a trip to Australia and New Zealand next summer is unique around the world. In just one region, Europe, there is a qualifying tournament dedicated solely to the competition, in which 11 countries will hit their … Read more

A look at buyers and sellers from the busy MLB trading deadline

This is the time to be a season ticket holder for San Diego Padres. Great weather, a gem of a football field – and perhaps the most exciting baseball line-up in the near future. The Padres took home the biggest prize on this year’s commercial deadline – and possibly any deadline of any year – … Read more

Residents buy their mobile home garden for $12 million, beating the company’s offer

When a few dozen residents found their seats in the open garage at the end of Prince Drive Monday night, an older man approached the crowd, standing at the head of the tables purchased earlier in the day for this meeting. “Okay,” he said, extending his arms and smiling at the crowd. “Do you look … Read more

Tim Pullman, Co-founder of Caduceus on how to shape the future of the Metaverse

With all the hype surrounding the Metaverse, the NewsBTC team caught up with Tim Pullman, Co-Founder of Caduceus to learn more about their initiative. Caduceus is a blockchain dedicated to developing the metaverse, supporting developers and creators to build their metaverse, NFT, GameFi and DeFi projects. Here are excerpts from our interview. s: Can you … Read more

15 Functional and Stylish Seats

There’s nothing quite like putting your feet up after a long day of being out and about, and if your sofa isn’t big enough to stretch out on, the bench is the perfect solution for all your relaxation needs. Not only does the full bench support your legs up, it also serves as extra handy … Read more

Heat wave: These cities are better at withstanding extreme temperatures. Here’s what they do differently

It’s a vicious cycle, but there are other solutions. Here’s how eight cities are doing away with the summer heat. Medellin, Colombia: Plant trees in the streets, not just in parks When it’s really hot, people with AC may stay indoors, but not everyone has that luxury – well, who wants to say all the … Read more

Tesla applies a patent for a more accurate GPS antenna for autonomous driving and navigation

Tesla has applied for a patent for a new multi-band GPS antenna that it believes will be more accurate for autonomous driving and navigation applications. The automaker describes the new device in its new patent application summary: A multiband antenna system is provided. The antenna system can be located under the vehicle’s exterior windshield and … Read more

5 ways you can get paid for nothing

The first of three payments to help families deal with the rising cost of living were paid to (some) eligible Kiwis this week. Inland Revenue said 1.32 million people received their $117 cost of living payment on August 1, but that was about 780,000 less than expected. Many of those were likely to receive the … Read more

#CoutoStrong supporters hope Freetown woman’s marrow will save Dad’s life

FREETOWN – Since he was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, or AML, in March, the family and friends of 54-year-old Freetown and middle school teacher Paul Couto have been rallying to find him a suitable bone marrow donor – someone who matches as closely as possible with his DNA . And while doctors consider the … Read more

Vermilion Advantage announces schedule of events

The First Place Co-Working Space is pleased to announce that the building (137 N Vermilion Street) is undergoing a complete renovation – see press release here The Salvation Army Back to School Campaign August 5-7 – see press release here Apply for Danville Sunrise Rotary Grant by August 8 – see press release here Scarlet … Read more

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