At least the seller was happy Steve Barnes

“Are you well?”

Those were my first words to him, and I proved, if only to myself, that I am not (not always) a complete self-absorbed ass. When he muttered that, yes, he was fine, I asked another question, in a tone slightly less considerate and more specific—indeed, almost accusatory: “Have you been messaging?”

Uh-oh, no. not at all.

So I suppose he picked up his smartphone before he got out of his car which recently hit my ass. The device could have been surgically grafted into the palm of his hand, in keeping with his age and era. Perhaps he wasn’t texting, was otherwise distracted or simply daydreaming, and didn’t see my car, both brake lights on, at a dead-end stop in front of him. His explanation was that it took him longer to stop than he was calculating, indicating that he wasn’t a math or physics major. It was my car that stopped him, and I couldn’t remember any screeching from its brakes.

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