At $8,499, is a 1994 Mercedes-Benz S 500 a very big deal?

Good price or no dice 1994 Mercedes-Benz S 500

today Good price or no dice The S 500 is a great car. In fact, it is so large that it requires seat belt extensions such as like that Small pop-up posts over the rear fenders so drivers know where the exhaust thing ends up. Let’s see if a car this size can still get small price.

So, I must admit, I was a bit surprised that the majority of you wouldn’t go for the $34,500 they asked for yesterday. 2018 Kia Stinger GT. I mean, it had reasonable mileage, a good color scheme, and a rock-and-sock-em twin-turbo V6 under the hood. However, when the votes were cast and the dust settled, that price dropped at a massive 78 percent loss with no dice. I thought it would at least be closer.

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If you’re thinking of being close by, you probably don’t think of Mercedes’ W140 S-Class version because these cars tend to have room for their occupants to spare. After all, this was a car, when presented, Found Cash for large size more Represented over its predecessor, the W126 S class. The company’s initial response to this criticism was Deceptive claim that Germans, on average, are getting taller and therefore need bigger cars.

Whatever the reason, when it debuted, the W140 was the largest and most ostentatious S-Class in history, offering cutting-edge features such as dual-layer insulated side glass, and smooth-closing trunk lids. and doors, All wrapped up in Dim but timeless Elegant structure.

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This is amazing 1994 Mercedes S 500 This design appears as a two-door coupe, and there’s plenty of room for it all so you don’t feel the need to crowd. In fact, these cars are so big that before sonar parking sensors became a thing, Mercedes used small indicator bars on the rear fenders. It would pop up when the car is positioned at the back so that the rear corners can be clearly seen in the mirrors. In the coupe, the doors are so long that an extension of the electrically operated seat belt is needed to prevent front seat occupants from straining their muscles when trying To access the undo buckle. In general, it looks like Back in the era when size, especially in American cars, equaled importance.

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This S 500 comes in black over the dark gray underbody and it rocks some great AMG wheels. these Looking to be newer than the car by about a decade or so but tone Nineties brilliantly. According to the announcement, the car was once involved in a minor deflection that required some cosmetic repairs but did not affect the car structurally. Repair documentation comes with the vehicle and there is no manual For any obvious structural problems in the ad images. the seller does Note that the car has Some other minor cosmetic defects, but similarly This is not noticeable in any of the Pictures.

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This is one time they were, And it remains to this day very luxurious cars, And this model The cabin carries the mantle of extremely upscale behavior we will. It’s covered in gray leather that’s accented with copious amounts of wood across the dashboard, doors, and below the center console. confessed tThe hat has seen better days as both leather and wood show evidence of the madness on the surface. There’s nothing to live with, but it does show that even a class has an expiration date.

Other issues here include some saggy rotors on the center vents, a recalcitrant rear window shade, and an aftermarket stereo that’s mounted in the dashboard. the seller does Notes That Baker Factory comes with the car. The passenger door card was also damaged, something the seller says happened during the reign of a previous owner.

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On the plus side, listings ads A large number of maintenance and modernization work was done, again apparently with receipts as evidence. The M119 V8 engine delivers 315 hp from 4,973 cc, And for every seller, Runs “hard rock”. this engine It is powered by a four-speed automatic from Mercedes that has recently undergone a smooth change. A lot of work has also been done on the engine, by modernizing the cooling system and replacing the awful engine The engine bay wiring harness was the highlight of those efforts.

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However, not all little elves are happy to keep the car going, As described by the seller Some “known defects” in advertising. This includes the aforementioned rear awning, as well as a sunroof that requires lubrication or some other type of work. Climate control is also said to have a problem with the engine heat recirculation button, But this is called moot point since then The heater is working. There are some other minor issues, But nothing may scare the buyer out of the bargain. The Big Benz comes with 111,000 miles on the clock and a clean title waiting to move on to that lucky and not intimidating buyer.

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To make that happen, there’s the question of the $8,499 asking price. The seller claims it’s much less than where Hagerty puts a mark on the value of this model, which is a factor It is allegedly set to “compensate for the deficiency”.

We’ll just have to see how imperfect — or perfect — that $8,499 order might be. What do you say, is this big coupe worth that kind of money? Or, for that much you would expect perfection?

It’s your decision!

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