At $7,500, could this gray market 1991 Fiat Panda 750 be a little miracle?

The 25-year import rule allows for a lot of interesting cars to be brought into the United States these days. With all these choices, someone decided to make the effort towards today good price or crack tube panda. Let’s see if it’s worth the wait.

there More than seven billion people on earth at present, increase or take one or two. In this sea of ​​humanity, you, as an individual, may not matter so much in the grand scheme of things. I’m sorry, but it’s true. sYou probably feel very special, at least to you.

That’s probably how the seller last Friday Camaro Z28 1991 EGP I felt about his car tooHe saw as he described it as one of its kind because of its color and set.Mix Caboodle. It seemed to be price Accordingly, determine her request At a great price of $31,000. But the crowded crowd did not see him that way, and dip both price and car With a loss of 85 percent of crack tubes. This result, in fact, was not all that out of the ordinary.

you know what? I just realized that the last three cars in a row We had – that Camaro, BMW 325iX Thursday and Honda Civic CWHump ​​on cams day – they were all hailed from the 1991 model year. Hmm, what are the odds? Well, he might as well keep that streak alive.

Here we have a file 1991 Fiat Panda 750, which is a recipient of an old-age allowance offered by the US federal government for violating the nation’s smog and safety rules. It’s amazing, at the age of 24 you’re a slob and a jerk. You’re 25, and suddenly you’re welcome to the party.

Such as drinking age, HR 2628, and Imported Vehicle Safety Compliance Lawit appears to be set to a very random parameter and there does not appear to be any empirical evidence or statistical determination to support 25 years as a mark.

However, thanks to IVSCA, It’s panda time!

It is alleged that this German import of pandas was previously restricted to his job By speed governors and shutdown of the transmission that would stop him andOmani Rialm reach speeds greater than 25 kilometers per hour. For those of you who repeat the math, that’s a ridiculous 15mph speed.

Whatever the probability of driving a car at 15 miles per hour Full speed without blowing your mind in frustration, luckily those limiters have been removed. This means that this blue on a striped seated Panda now has a more usable top end of about 78 mph. Yes, it is still so a Fair fight on the highway, but remember, the panda was originally meant to be a city car.

Fiat added the Giugiaro-designed Panda to its range in 1980. It was an exercise in economy, featuring a very simple seal and flat glass all around, even for the windshield. At launch, Panda drive optionThe s were similarly modest, ranging from a 652 cc air-cooled twin to a water-cooled 903 cc. How many other cars have offered air and water cooled engines at the same time, I wonder? Get that, please.

This four-cylinder 769-cc FIRE engine features a short undercut and a scoop Hood. This SOHC water-cooled mill produces 34 horsepower and a small floor in its critical With full size spare parts. I don’t know about you, but I like cars that keep the extra rubber with the engine. Probably because my first car was a Chevrolet Corvair.

The backup for the little four is a four-speed manual gearbox with a cable-operated clutch in between. The entire vehicle weighs 700 kg as Tinkerbell (about 1,545 lbs).

This could be very good Be the only panda in the US since then, and frankly, Who would really run into the problem, right? This makes her the most beautiful panda in America, but she can easily do it Carry this title even if there is a group of pandas here. It’s in really nice shape, with clean paint and Very tidy if not completely safe mindso interior. the condition This is probably due to the tiny 32,000 km clock range and the fact that its previous owners were apparently from the 1970s Germans who did not take The car is above a quick trot.

The Grundig radio/cassette deck (the best stereo brand name ever) lives right under the dashboard and just above my bass Appendix– Like an ashtray. Hardware is limited to nothing more than Very optimistic speedometer and gas gauge. Warning lights and a cool diagram connect the rest. The upholstery is in excellent condition and there is a sunroof that permeates the roof to allow sunlight to shine on it.

The seller claims that the vehicle was properly imported and currently has a clear Illinois address. In the car advertisement, he states that there are no mechanical problems and denies it to be in perfect condition. pictures do bear aesthetics. Parts are claimed to be nothing but an eBay search, and in fact the only major supply issue may be the adorable little frames.

The asking price is $7,500, and before all Europeans started freaking out that you could buy a panda of the same age for ten euros, but why do you understand that here in the US we don’t have the luxury of buying such cheap cars . This is unique here and frankly, you will find one this beautiful even in MagC. Kingdom This is the European Union?

Well, let’s get started. What do you think of this cool little Fiat and its $7,500 question? Does that make this blue box a great deal? Or does that make it a panda trash?

It’s your decision!

Chicago, IL craigslistor go over here If the ad disappears.

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