Ascot: Max Cuban who killed two men escaped prison for cannabis

The son of two Met police officers has escaped prison with up to £1,000 of cannabis hidden in his parents’ family home.

Max Cuban of The Burlings, Ascot, had 126 grams of cannabis and 2 grams of cannabis resin in his bedroom.

The 20-year-old appeared in Reading Magistrates’ Court this morning (May 13).

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A lawyer defending him said Kobe used drugs to “self-medicate” following a fatal double crash, in which he crashed and killed two pedestrians while driving his father’s sports car.

Prosecutors said a quantity of Class B medication “estimated to be worth between £800 to £1,000” was found in his home.

The plaintiff, Anna Fitchett said: “A search warrant was executed at the address of Mr. Kobe’s home. During this search, a large quantity of cannabis was found in Mr. Kobe’s bedroom.

“Mr. Kobe gave an interview without comment. He has seven convictions for 10 crimes. Two of these are drug related, although they were committed when Mr. Kobe was a teenager.”

His parents, Dead Sergeant Russell Kobe and Computer Catherine Kobe, did not face any misconduct investigation regarding the incident.

In a statement, the Metropolitan Police Service said: “Appropriate information has been disclosed to the deceased by Max Kobe’s relatives.

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“There is no relevant disciplinary action to be taken by the Met.”

They were previously investigated by the Met’s Department of Professional Standards over allegations that they allowed or facilitated the use of a controlled drug.

The investigation was related to an incident in which Max Kobe was arrested on June 10, 2018, after he was found driving his mother’s car without a license or insurance, while under the influence of drugs. Both parents were eventually found to have no issue to answer.

Kobe’s advocate, Chloe Hill, said: “Honestly, Mr.

He was expelled from two schools and went to a school for children that no other school would attend.

“In his own words, he attracted the wrong audience and was often surrounded by ill influence. He left school at the age of 16 without any qualifications and then went to Bracknell College.”

Kobe was already out on court bail and under a youth rehabilitation order at the time of the raid on his family’s home on July 31, 2019.

It was a year that saw him appear in court multiple times on separate criminal charges.

First, he was brought before Reading Magistrates Court on January 30, 2019 by the judges regarding an incident in which he cut and killed two bystanders.

Kobe, then 17, was driving his father’s Audi A5 while crossing a drug limit on August 2, 2018 when he collided with two vendors, John Shackley, 61, and Jason Amy, 48, on the A329 London Road in Sunninghill.

After a Thames Valley Police investigation determined that he was not responsible for the deaths, Kobe was charged with drug driving only.

Judges released him from prison but sentenced him to YRO and banned him from driving for two years.

District Judge Samuel Josie told Kobe that he accepted Kobe’s guilty plea on the day of his trial.

DJ Goozee said: “You were clearly in possession of this cannabis at the time you were on a court order and that makes the crime even more serious.

Although there was a large quantity of drugs in your room, the prosecution accepts that it was compatible with personal use.

“Obviously it was at a time in your life when you were turning to criminal activity and not now when you are trying to change your life.”

The judge fined Kobe £300, and ordered him to pay £85 in costs and £34 in surcharges to the victim.

Kobe thanked the judge and walked out of court.

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