Artists Michelina and Amy Ford appear at the Art Therapy exhibition at Beacon Gallery in Boston

“The Art Therapy gallery emphasizes the importance of art as an important form of self-expression, as well as how it can be therapeutic for both artist and viewer,” says Christine O’Donnell, curator and owner of Gallery Bacon.

Beacon Gallery is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition Art Therapy, which opens next month with artists Micklena and Amy Ford, both represented by the gallery. Running from September 2 to October 30 2022, this show of artists will focus on the important topic of art as therapy, for both artist and audience, through their unique pictorial methods.

Drawing on their inspiration and distinctive approaches, Michelina and Ford’s works express their individual experiences and artistic perceptions. Their colorful figurative works illustrate the exploratory role that art can play in our lives, while also providing a sense of a shared emotional connection with the viewer. The gallery will host an opening reception on Friday, September 2 (6-8 p.m.), part of the first Fridays in the SoWa Arts and Design District to kick off this gallery.

The artist Miclina is a painter, calligrapher and calligrapher. Her contemporary paintings reflect ancient art forms of lettering, pictures, typography, and calligraphy. On Art Therapy she will exhibit several works depicting female characters composed entirely of Miquelina’s written words. Her use of abstraction and metaphor as well as fonts and language, acts as a visual bridge between multiple realms of self-expression. The subtle nature of her text lines as in Woven In (one of her signature ‘dress’ pieces) and her trio of graphics from I am Indigo, I Oshun Marigold and I Red Lotus create an almost imperceptible ink filigree best experience with a magnifying glass.

Amy Ford is a mixed media artist whose work focuses on exploring human emotion and personality in its multiple dimensions. Her use of large, bold shapes and bright colors creates dynamic and lively compositions. Bizarre expressions or portraits often appear abstract upon closer examination, revealing themselves to those viewers who take the time to step back and reflect. These spaces, through which her work can engage audiences in many different ways, are part of her creative process to explore the push-and-pull dynamic between the “outer view and the inner truth of its subjects.” This show includes many pieces that seek to portray emotions rather than portraiture. Pieces such as Still Blue without You, Morning Light, and Superspreader each seek to evoke the unique passion of their composition.

“The concept of art therapy is to emphasize the importance of art as an important form of self-expression. Many of us experience personal trauma, and while the visual arts may not be therapy for everyone, The Arts can be therapeutic for both the artist and the viewer. By seeing the contrasting styles of these two women, I hope the audience will discover the range of possibilities in how art can provide solace in many, often unexpected ways,” says Christine O’Donnell, curator and owner of Bacon Gallery.

In conjunction with the Amy Ford and Miquelina Gallery, the Beacon Gallery will also host a personal roundtable on September 30 at 7 p.m. titled Art for Conversation with Yourself and Others: Using Your Creative Side to Learn and Grow with author, speech pathologist, and educational lecturer Rebecca Rowland. Together with Michelina and Ford and sculptor and social activist Dominic Esposito of The Opioid Spoon Project, the discussion will focus on the therapeutic benefits of art, both in its creative process and what it can represent for people, who may encounter difficulty or challenges in their daily lives.

about artists

Micklena is a small Massachusetts-based painter, calligrapher, and illustrator, represented at the Bacon Gallery in Boston, Massachusetts. Through her art, she likes to use her creativity as a therapeutic method and a way to engage in meaningful conversation. Her photographs, large in size and subject, convey personal stories through skillfully created images and words. Her landscapes intend to express encouragement and her unique use of words incorporated into her work, aims to stimulate reflection and self-love. Recently, her work with bespoke gowns featured keywords meant to inspire social empowerment and self-acceptance.

Shown in private collections, and highly visible commercial properties, Michelina’s work is a favorite of some of the entertainment industry’s most respected website designers. She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions, and has served on a range of advisory boards focusing on diversity and inclusion at the Tampa Museum of Art and the James Weldon Johnson Foundation. In 2020, she co-founded the Community Art Collaborative, creating opportunities to connect and empower communities through public and community art programs. To find out more, go to her website and follow her on Instagram.

Amy Ford is a New Hampshire-based mixed media artist who focuses primarily on the human form. It is represented by the Bacon Gallery in Boston, Massachusetts and the Barn Gallery in Ogunquit, MI. She has studied figure painting for over twenty years, beginning with Italian artist Maestro Silvestro Pistolsi, who instilled her classic Italian sensibility and discipline. with Joe Hay, Dusty Knight, Joan Pereira at Castle Hill in Truro, Massachusetts where she discovered her passion for intense color and dynamic brushwork; Charles Sovic at the Chatham Center for the Creative Arts and Richard Fox at the University of New Hampshire. Her work has been judged at New England galleries including the Concord Art Association’s Roddy’s Competition, the United Nations’ Wayfaring Stranger, and the Privately Sold Association’s Blue’s Blue.

Ford previously held the position of Director of Sales and Leasing at the Cambridge Art Society. In addition, she worked as an assistant to Silvestro Pistolesi, working on a mural cycle at the Church of the Transfiguration in Orleans, Massachusetts. She is currently a member of the Ogunquit Art Association, Provincetown Art Association (PAAM), Concord Art Association, and Union of Maine Visual Artists, among other art organizations. To find out more follow her on Instagram.

About Bacon Exhibition

Beacon Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in Boston’s South End that provides a platform for emerging and established artists to present thought-provoking solo and group performances and community building events. As a partner in the greater Boston art community, Bacon Gallery is committed to producing carefully curated exhibitions that showcase original conceptual art and share compelling messages and unique perspectives. Its goal is to make art accessible to the general public, as well as to collectors and institutions locally, nationally and globally. For more information, go to our website and follow on Instagram.

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