April 11-24 – Show local

The information in police reports is obtained from local police departments. Individuals in police reports who have been accused of a crime whose guilt has not been proven in court.

• Patricia A. McIntyre, 41, of the 6N600 block of Salina Street, St. Charles, was charged April 24 with a domestic battery misdemeanor and arrested under a Winnebago County warrant for failing to appear in court for driving under the influence.

• Matthew R. Monteith, 31, of Building 100 on Iowa Street, Addison, was charged April 16 with drunk driving, improper parking on a road, improper use of a driveway, and transportation of alcoholic beverages in a vehicle. About half an hour after midnight, deputies were called to a gray 2019 Nissan Sentra stuck in the middle on Stearns Road in the town of Saint Charles. Reports said Monteith had temporarily suspended his license on March 4, 2022.

• Jaime H. B, 28, of 4,200 Block of 2225 Road, Sheridan, was tasked on April 24 with driving under the influence, improper lane use, no signal when turning, expired registration and speeding.

• A resident of Neighborhood 39W400 in Haladay Lane, Blackberry Township, reported on April 20 that she had fallen victim to Facebook Market Place and lost $3,350 by using Zelle to rent a vacation home for two months. The report stated that after she sent the money, the landlord did not send a final rental agreement and stopped answering her calls.

• A white 2019 Jeep Cherokee was reported to have been stolen April 23rd from a $1,600 laptop and iPad while parking in West Maine Community Park, 40W101 Main Street, Blackberry Town. The owner told MPs she was walking with her dog at the dog park at 3:20 p.m., and when she returned, the jeep’s rear passenger window was smashed and her laptop bag removed from the back seat, the report said.

• Bilqis I Zobrod, 60, of block 39W400 of Woodgate Road, St. Charles Township, was charged with two counts on April 20 of a misdemeanor battery charge.

• Fred L. Schultz, 67, of 1900 Bradley Drive, Montgomery, indicted April 11 on two counts of a misdemeanor battery charge.

• Marcelo M. Villagomez Jr., 24, of block 0-99 of Austin Street, Carpentersville, shipped April 11 at 26 to 34 mph over the speed limit. The report said the MP registered a burgundy 2011 Hyundai Genesis in Villagomez traveling 80 mph in a 50 mph area on Randall Road heading south at Red Gate Road.

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