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Southwest Miami Dade, Florida. (WSVN) — A luxury SUV owner is reeling after hours, he said, as thieves broke into his property and drove off in the expensive car.

Speaking to 7News on Friday, the victim, who asked not to be identified or show his face in front of the camera, said the perpetrators targeted his blue 2021 Lamborghini Urus at around 12:25 am on Friday.

“It’s a little disappointing. “Don’t expect that to happen to you,” he said.

The Lamborghini owner said the duo bypassed his driveway gate and stormed into the SUV.

“They jumped off the fence, found the car and basically drove off,” he said.

Surveillance video was captured by the robbers, who were seen wearing light-coloured hats, climbing the entrance gate to the home, located along the 79th Southwest Court, off Sunset Drive.

“I was sleeping. My wife, she was wrapping gifts, she was bringing presents, and I noticed that the gate was kind of partially open,” said the owner of Urus.

Surveillance video showed Urus being driven away from the house, as one of the thieves was running alongside her.

The owner said the car, with its custom paint and rims, cost about $300,000.

“Unfortunately, the car was unlocked,” he said.

The owner said the keys were left inside, something he rarely does.

“It was just our lucky day,” he said.

He said that when the owner’s wife got out, she realized the SUV was gone, and the couple immediately called the police.

The owner of the Urus said people who have also checked vehicles in nearby homes beforehand, including outside a house down the street from it.

“They went into some properties, from outside, I think they were looking for cars, open cars, etc.,” he said.

Fortunately, the homeowner on the street told 7News that her car doors were locked, so the scammers were left empty-handed.

The owner of the Lamborghini said that at that moment the thieves came to his house and stole his SUV.

He now hopes that if anyone sees the stolen car, they’ll report it.

“At this point, we’re trying to get it back,” he said.

Residents of the area said this was not the first time they had been targeted by car thieves.

If you have any information about this theft or the whereabouts of people, call Miami Dad Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Remember that you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a bonus of up to $5,000.
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