Amazon’s bestselling dryer vent cleaner is on sale

If you want to save money on utility bills (and who doesn’t), here’s a suggestion you might not have considered: clean the vent in the clothes dryer. It’s one of those home maintenance chores that’s so easy to forget until your laundry starts to run out of dryer moisture. We’re here to tell you that Amazon has a solution for just $20: the Holikme Dryer Vent Lint Brush. Right now it’s selling for $23 (was $29), but you’ll save an extra $3 if you apply the coupon on the page.

Get rid of your worries. (Photo: Amazon)

$20 with coupon $29 in amazon

If your dryer isn’t drying your clothes like it used to, it might not be time to go buy appliances yet. Over time, lint and debris build up in the dryer’s ventilation system, limiting air flow. This will of course extend the drying time, which can be annoying and costly. But it can also be quite dangerous: A blockage in the vent increases the risk of fire. The Holikme Dryer Vent Lint Brush can help solve both problems.

How it works

Unlike the Sealegend dryer vent cleaner that cleans the inside of your machine, the Holikme Dryer Vent Lint Brush cleans the tube that connects the dryer vent to the outside. To power it up, connect the brush (with the included adapter) to a power drill and let it blow. During rotation, the brush picks up the lint accumulated on the walls of the tube. This kit comes with 30 feet of flexible nylon rod extensions to maximize brush reach.

When these walls are cleaned, there’s room for air to circulate and your clothes to dry – which means you’ll save energy and money.

dryer vent cleaning kit

Get that sticky substance out. (Photo: Amazon)

$20 with coupon $29 in amazon

Nearly 16,000 rave reviewers on Amazon are already doing the cleaning up and making extra money.

“It took two cycles for our clothes to dry, and I couldn’t figure out why,” one rave reviewer reported. “Saw this on TikTok and decided to try it. Definitely works. Glad I found this because it was definitely a fire hazard. Maybe we will save on the electric bill now!!”

“Amazed at how much stuff came out of the hatch,” one shocked shopper wrote. “The dryer is working better now. I definitely recommend getting this.”

“At the vent under the rain gutter was a huge lint ball as hard as a hard ball,” said one satisfied shopper. “The drill blew it right away. After attaching the vent to the dryer and running it, it was unbelievable how much it blew. The house is less than two years old! What a fire hazard for someone who vents the wall in the attic. I intend to use this product twice a year for safety. Really an excellent investment” .

Another stunned shopper wrote: “It’s amazing how sticky stuff can build up over the years! This is the first time in 9 years we’ve cleaned the vents. I don’t know if the previous homeowners did too. It was so disgusting. We managed From making the vent and dryer with this brush. When we finished we heard the wind blowing through the vent outside – we hadn’t heard that before!”

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$20 with coupon $29 in amazon

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