Amazing Jaguar E-Type for sale

There is a stunning example of the Jaguar E-Type on the market – although buyers will need the deep pockets.

Whoever buys it will also need to import the vehicle as it is being sold by a specialized dealer in the USA.

The XKE Roadster rolled off the Jaguar Browns Lane production line in 1974.

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The Signal Red 5.3L V12 is on the market for $165,000.

At current exchange rates that translates to £121,266.

It is being advertised for sale on eBay.

Sales details are brief and detail: “1974 Jaguar XKE Roadster Best Ever, Best in National Gallery Completely Restored V12 4-Speed ​​Factory A/C MUST BE SURE TO BELIEVE IT!”

There are several pictures showing the car in detail.

It is being sold as Connors Motorcar Company ion West Chester Pennsylvania and potential buyers are welcome to speak to owner Carlo Connors or learn more via the company’s website.

The E-Type is still one of the most sought-after classic cars of all time and still has legions of fans more than 60 years after its launch.

Few would argue the claim that the Jaguar E-Type is the best car to ever come out of Coventry, and although the word Iconic is used excessively, it seems like an apt description of the E-Type.

Jaguar E-Type Roadster sells for $165,000 on eBay

Built in Jaguar’s Browns Lane factory, fully mint-restored models fetch astronomical auction prices and even finds of barns in poor condition are quickly being picked up.

The E-Type was originally developed as a racing car but Jaguar decided to put it into production as a road car and the Roadster and Fixed-head Coupe (FHC) versions were developed.

It was designed by Malcolm Sayer, who previously worked in the aerospace industry, with Mr. William Lyons, President of Jaguar Cars, who also has a reasonable amount of influence over the final product.

It was launched in 1961 and continued in production at Browns Lane in Coventry until 1975, and its eventual demise followed stricter US regulations.

Jaguar E-Type Roadster sells for $165,000 on eBay
Jaguar E-Type Roadster sells for $165,000 on eBay

The car took a storm when it was unveiled at the 1961 Geneva Motor Show, and it wasn’t just its design that won praise.

The original 3.8-liter, 265-horsepower version delivered superior performance, managing to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in seven seconds and reaching a top speed of 150 mph.

It was also praised for offering excellent value for money at launch, costing £2,097 for the model and £2,196 for the FHC, far cheaper than comparable cars sold by rivals such as Ferrari and Aston Martin.

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One of the show cars on the Geneva catwalk in 1961 was a convertible – the 77 RW – which was driven nearly non-stop from Coventry to Geneva by Jaguar’s legendary test driver, Norman Dewes.

Over the years, many celebrities have led E-Types, including the likes of Steve McQueen, George Best, Sir Jackie Stewart, Brigitte Bardot, and Frank Sinatra.

Later in its life, a larger 4.2-liter engine was installed on the E-model, and a longer 2+2 version with rear seats was also developed.

More details on the XKE Roadster sold by Connors Motorcar can be found here.

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