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By George Korovila

Posted: Thursday, July 7, 2022, 17:17

During my many years in the automobile industry, I had never seen a Ferrari range as large as it is today. But with each new launch, it seemed as if the brand that used to make some of the most beautiful cars in the world was starting to lose its luster. Yes, their cars are faster and have more ducts and wings than ever before, but they lack the simplicity and grace of models from the past.

But now we have this, the Ferrari of Rome, to correct the course!

Design principles

The new Roma is a 2+ coupe that embodies the Italian concept of “La Nuova Dulce Vita”, which translates to “The New Sweet Life”. Its design is meant to embody “the cheerful, cheerful lifestyle of the Eternal City of the 1950s and 1960s”. It pays homage to the tradition of Ferrari’s mid-front berlinetta engine to which the 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso and 250 GT 2+2 belong.

History is blunt, but if a car doesn’t convey this beauty through its line, it fails to accomplish its mission. This is what I was afraid of when I saw the first press photos of Roma.

But rest assured! While this car is not very well photographed, in the real world where the eyes meet the rays reflected off its body, this car is beauty. Its chassis is as strong as it is different, and it’s very different from anything that has come out of the Ferrari stables lately.

The elongated, longitudinal headlights that started with the Ferrari Enzo, and have been adopted in almost every model since, have been replaced by elegant horizontal ones here. It can be equipped with the ultra-bright Matrix LED technology for more. In the back, you get the familiar arrangement of 4 lights, but the lights are at the pointed edge of the box, rather than being round.

Adding to its appeal are the body-color grille, which is both radical and rare, and giant 20-inch wheels with a five-pointed star design, reminiscent of older models. Of course, other styles are also available.

In keeping with its elegant appearance, the Roma gets a three-position rear spoiler neatly integrated into the sloping roofline. But there’s no up button for the wing from inside the cabin, and it’s kind of down. Below is a quad rear tube setup that everyone will love. But I can tell you now that like the Portofino, the exhaust note revolves around the loud barking generated by the boost pressure boost, which is different from the sounds of the old naturally aspirated V8.

Overall, this look is entirely new to Ferrari and may indicate the direction they intend to follow with future models.

And while it wouldn’t be necessary to see the galloping horse logo to identify the vehicle, you can carry its charm everywhere you go in the form of a keychain, a precise 1:1 scale of the insignia on the hood. It’s an easy way to grab attention at the dinner table. without saying anything!

inner space

Rome also heralds the era of Ferrari’s new interior architecture. It’s not a comprehensive overhaul, but it’s a huge deviation from what we expected. Things like full-grain leather upholstery, Alcantara trim, chrome-plated aluminum and carbon fiber add to the plush décor and make it a great place to stay.

As with all other models, the flat-bottom 3-spoke sports steering wheel still looks a lot like the “everything bake”. It has everything a driver needs, including indicator buttons and wipers, thus eliminating the clutter of stems. However, that bright red power button is missing. In its place is the “Start Engine” graphic on the capacitive touchpad, which breaks away from the captivating experience of starting a great V8. Once you’ve done that, you’ll also notice that everything else is a screen and/or touch panel, which adds to the “wow” factor, but it’s a bit tricky to operate.

Also, traditional analog scales are becoming redundant. But a digital copy of this huge, extremely yellow tachometer has been preserved on the massive, high-resolution 16-inch dashboard. Unfortunately, with the CarPlay app activated, the entire screen is used up. There is also a dedicated 7-inch screen for the front passenger that can display the vehicle’s speed, rpm and gear. With this, it can also make music choices and suggest destinations that bring “back seat driving” to the fore.

The front of the transmission is found on a metal plate reminiscent of one of Ferrari’s famous shift gates from its glory years. Except that this seems like a cheaper imitation, and operating the switches is a bit cumbersome, although it does require a little effort.

Ferrari bakeries have also made other digital features, such as every part of the seat, whether it’s thigh or lumbar support, can be seen and adjusted via the 8.4-inch infotainment screen. This works fine. But, on the other hand, controlling HVAC requirements through the monitor alone is unromantic. The air vents look innovative but lack functionality. The correct volume of air does not float in the correct direction.

CD player

besides ‘display’ there should be ‘go’; It is expected that the gypsy is a blast to drive!

First, let’s talk about credentials! The 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 used here is a member of the V8 family that has won the International Engine of the Year award for four consecutive years. It’s the same thing as the F8 but separated to 620 PS and 760 Nm of torque, which certainly doesn’t sound disjointed to me. And unlike American muscle cars, all of those numbers translate into actual speed.

For the best possible acceleration, you can activate the launch control (Power Start in Ferrari lingo) via the “change gate”. And even without that, if you bury the right foot deep enough, you can almost match the impressive 0-100 km/h fast time of 3.4 seconds, as I found out many times I tried.

When I did the kilometers, I noticed that the transmission was calibrated for economy and smoothness and that it shifted up whenever possible. But if you really need to take advantage of every ounce of performance, get an 8-speed manual transmission and pull that fun out for yourself. Once you realize it, you tear up the streets at every opportunity.

Just as quickly you gain speed, you can get rid of the same amount in Rome. The 245mm wide tires at the front and the 285mm rear tires provide a great deal of mechanical stability. This combines with massive 390mm diameter, 360° discs – front and rear – to provide superhero-like stopping power. It’s as if the anchor falls off when the left foot dives.

Note, too, that the shorter wheelbase makes the car feel alive, swaying especially while taking turns at speed. This encourages you to adjust the throttle and steering on the fly…which makes driving really attractive.

Accommodation and accessories

Let me remind you that Roma is 2+ and not 2+2. The back seat is just a rack with two cavities. It’s strictly dedicated to your friends Salvatore Ferragamo and Louis Vuitton, no more. Your human friends may unfriend you, if they are forced in. In the back there is a trunk with about 272 liters of space. There’s nothing to write home about in terms of size, but the boot floor doesn’t have a flange that makes it easy to move things in and out.

There’s also a full range of accessories to choose from from the extensive brochure, such as a lift kit, thermal windshield, everything carbon fiber and matching luggage. And what not to be ignored is the 7-year maintenance program.


The Ferrari Roma 2022 destroys the senses. It combines the feminine qualities of a beautiful figure, the softness of cabin materials and the masculine qualities of strength and noiselessness in one compact and justifiably expensive package. And she loves to dance during spirited runs, which makes driving fun, as all Ferraris should. There are many new technical features some of which do not work efficiently, but the Roma are simply forgiven for being “the first to enter the market”. However, there is only one cup holder, and sharing one cup of cappuccino may not be affordable for everyone!

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