Akabane A500 car heads-up display review

Akabane A500: Specs

Size: 4.3- x 3.3- x 2.9-inches
Weight: 5.1 ounces
Power: OBD-II port
Display size: 3.5-inches
Color/Monochrome: Color
Number of parameters displayed: 60
Alarms: Yes

Akabane’s A500 takes a different tack when it comes to heads-up displays, opting for a direct-view display instead of projecting the data onto the windshield. This HUD is able to combine ODB and GPS data to show what’s going on inside the car, while also offering the ability to perform acceleration and braking tests. For all it does, the $90 price tag is a reasonable price to pay for such versatility. 

Akabane A500 car heads-up display review: Price and availability

At $90, the Akabane A500 costs twice as much as other capable HUD units generally go for. But the unit makes up for that by showing lots of operational data. It’s the only automotive device the company sells in the U.S.

Akabane A500 car heads-up display review: Design and features

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