‘Ain’t No Saint’, ‘Brute Force’ and ‘Black Coffee’ won awards

Take the 1969 Volvo P1800, pack a supercharged big block 454cid Chevy V8 under its hood and what do you have? If you’re 71-year-old British mechanic Lee Johnston and his three daughters, you have the 2021 Hot Wheels Legends Tour World Champion, and in about a year’s time you’ll have a 1:64 scale die-cast toy version of your car being sold around the world.

Volvo Johnstones, known as “Aint No Saint” in honor of the P1800, appeared in the 1960s TV series the Saintwas selected over the other finalists last weekend in the Hot Wheels Tour Finals held at Jay Leno’s Garage.

According to Mattel, Johnston grabbed the car as a rusty, rolling clamshell and turned it into a drag race winner that he and his daughters – Eleanor, Sarah and Victoria – drive with his wife Sue “on standby to help.”

“The Hot Wheels Legends Tour has truly become a global celebration of custom car creations,” said the announcement quoted Mattel Vice President of Design Ted Wu. “With the addition of five new countries on the tour, we were able to reach and interact with millions of new fans and builders from all over the world.

“The Volvo Gasser is a wonderful expression of originality, creativity, and most importantly, the spirit of the garage.”

We look forward to welcoming Johnston and his 1969 Volvo P1800 into the Hot Wheels family and bringing the latest in the latest Hot Wheels Legends Tour game to the world.”

Chevy “brute force” wins the SEMA builders battle

“Brut Force” 1955 Chevrolet | photo

A 1955 Chevrolet modified by Robert Matranga and Matranga Hot Rod Fabricators took top honors in the 8th annual Battle of the Builders competition at the recent SEMA show.

The car is known as “brute force” because of its 540cid Merlin engine with Arias cylinder heads, a Hogan intake and a pair of Garrett turbochargers. The 1,400 hp engine was detuned to 800 hp to make it drivable.

Others taking home builders’ battle honors include Eddie Pettus with his 1961 Austin Healey Sprite (sport compact), Brian Thompson with his 1934 Ford pickup (truck/off-road) and Dayton Jacobson for his 2000 Chevrolet S10 (Young John).

The victory of “Black Coffee” takes the title of “King”

Hot Wheels Award, 'Ain't No Saint', 'Brute Force' and 'Black Coffee', ClassicCars.com Magazine
Triumphage “Black Coffee” | IMS outdoor progressive pictures

Anthony Robinson won the title of “King of Builders” Honored as the dedicated bike show for the Progressive IMS Outdoors 2021 J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder, its eleventh season concluded in Conyers, Georgia.

Robinson earned the royal title for winning the Freestyle Class Championship with a 1949 TriumphT-100 called “Black Coffee”, with custom designed and built wheels, tanks, seat, fenders, manifold and rods. The project was built on the keel of the 1938 Indian Jr. Scout with an 18-inch chevron tire in the rear and a 21-inch Firestone in the front. Drawing by Mike Clary.

“The raw talent and pure passion that these builders brought into their custom bikes is remarkable and we salute everyone who participated,” the press release quoted UBCBS Director Bob Kaye as saying.

“What is exciting about this year’s competition is that it is far from over. We are excited to host an additional tour of Southern California during the final leg of the IMS Tour along the eight-city series of events, offering prizes and special features.”

The press release added that the winners and runners-up from that SoCal bounty round, scheduled for November 19 in Costa Mesa, will qualify for the 2022 National Championship.

In addition to Robinson, the winners of the 2021 National Finals held near Atlanta included:

custom classic – Brian Batra for a 1977 Harley-Davidson Shovelhead with handcrafted stainless steel frame, front pillar, handlebars, rear struts and exhaust, plus brass rear fender, handcrafted fuel and oil tanks, and handcrafted aluminum seat.

dedicated street – Jesse Spade for a 2000 Ducati 750ss with hand shaped tail, fly screen and paint by J Daar.

This year, Rosell beat Ramy

Hot Wheels Award, 'Ain't No Saint', 'Brute Force' and 'Black Coffee', ClassicCars.com Magazine
Jake Rozelle and his 2003 Corvette Z06 | photo

A year ago, Jake Rozelle lost the Optima Binders Ultimate Street Car Invitational Championship by one point to Chris Ramey, but this year Rozelle is back to claim the title in his 2003 Chevrolet Corvette Z06. The 14th annual event was held at Las Vegas Motor Speedway just after the 2021 SEMA Show .

“I’ve been working on this for eight seasons and got really close last year, so coming back and winning this year is huge,” a press release said after the event. “I work on this car more than anyone knows it, and in the end, putting it all together means a lot.”

Ramy finished second after Rozelle this year with a 1987 Corvette. The third car went to another Corvette, a 2008 car owned by Mike Rovere.

Lamborghini Day in Japan

Hot Wheels Award, 'Ain't No Saint', 'Brute Force' and 'Black Coffee', ClassicCars.com Magazine
Lamborghini Contax on display and parade in Japan | Lamborghini pictures

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