Acura Resurrects the ZDX as an All-Electric SUV

The Acura ZDX Returns as an Electric SUV

Acura’s first all-electric vehicle will arrive in 2024. Riding on a platform shared with General Motors, the new crossover will carry a familiar, though somewhat infamous, Acura name.

The all-new Acura ZDX was previewed at this year’s Monterey Car Week, wearing the Acura Precision EV Concept name. As is Acura’s tradition, the production model likely won’t stray far from the concept. Acura will offer the crossover in ZDX and high-performance ZDX Type S trims.

It will be a joint project between General Motors and Acura, with GM providing the Ultium platform the vehicle will ride on and the Ultium batteries that will power it. The same architecture underpins the GMC Hummer EV and forthcoming Cadillac Lyriq. Everything above the EV’s platform is expected to be crafted in Acura’s U.S. Design Studio.

The ZDX will likely follow the introduction of the Honda Prologue, another GM Ultium-based joint venture expected in early 2024. Honda and Acura aren’t anticipated to have vehicles riding on Honda’s own electric vehicle platform until its e:Architecture bows in 2026.

According to Acura, the Precision EV Concept’s looks are inspired by Italian power boats, with wake-like lines flanking its hood and sliding down its profile. It has the athletic stance of the Acura MDX and RDX, with a low floating roof cabin silhouette, few embellishments and a wide stance. Think iPhone SUV, and that’s the clean look of the concept.

Inside the concept’s airy cabin, there’s a steering yoke that may not make it into the production version. The interior can morph from an environment where the driver is fully engaged in operating the car to one in which they’re a relaxed observer as the car autonomously drives itself. Don’t look for those features to make it into the final production ZDX, though it may offer some level of semi-automated driving.

Acura Precision EV Concept Photos

“The Acura Precision EV Concept is a design study that will shape the direction of future Acura products in the electrified era including our first all-electric SUV in 2024,” said Emile Korkor, assistant vice president of Acura National Sales.

At this point, Acura has not announced range, power or pricing for the new ZDX. Given the capabilities GM’s already demonstrated with the Ultium platform, however, you can expect them to be competitive with other entries in the market. That could mean 400-plus horsepower, a 300-plus mile range and a not-inexpensive price tag for the ZDX.

The decision to go with the ZDX nameplate is a bit of a surprise. When the original ZDX arrived for the 2010 model year, Acura’s coupe-like sport utility vehicle was neither sporty nor had much utility. It was far from a market success.

The new ZDX is expected to be built in the U.S. at GM’s Spring Hill, Tennessee assembly plant.

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