Acura Precision EV Concept: A Taste Of The Brand’s Electric Future

The Acura Precision EV, with style inspired by Italian power boats and Formula 1 cars, heralds the arrival of the luxury brand’s first all-electric vehicle. Acura

The Acura Precision EV concept will take a bow in Carmel, California this evening at a private event during Monterey Car Week. The first hint of the luxury brand’s all-electric future, the Precision offers a glimpse of the design language Acura plans to use on those future electric vehicles and specifically on a new, still-to-be-named SUV coming in 2024. 

Familiar Look, Future Concept

Last week, ahead of the events at Car Week on the Monterey Bay peninsula, Acura offered up a short teaser of the concept that will make its official bow Thursday night. We’ll bring you more details at that live event so watch this space, but Thursday morning Acura released a full photo set of the Precision EV.

The crossover-style EV, gets a low-slung roofline and frameless windows all around and shows off a blindingly bright “Particle Glitch” grille with a similar pattern echoed onto the wheels of the concept. The grille styling echoes that on the MDX, Acura’s best-selling SUV, and the TLX sedan, which was also one of Acura’s most popular vehicles until Integra came on the scene. 

Acura says that the design is inspired by “luxury Italian powerboats,” and the rear gets a slight boattail styling with a split spoiler, topped with a single, red taillight fin. From the rear, the body appears wider than the greenhouse, giving the Precision EV Concept a wider and slightly squat look. 

Inside the futuristic cockpit, which Acura says is inspired by Formula 1 racers, the driver gets a wide yoke-style steering wheel with a transparent bar in the middle, which sits in front of a curved dash and small screen, presumably a driver’s instrument panel. At the center of the vehicle sits what Acura says is a preview to a future infotainment screen: A large, curved, transparent touchscreen with haptic feedback. There are tons of compound angles and swooping shapes that give the cockpit a sense of movement and wavelike forms. 

Acura says that the Precision EV Concept will offer two driving modes: “Instinctive Drive Mode” and “Spiritual Lounge Mode.” Instinctive, indicated by digital sport-style instrumentation and a red lighting treatment, offers the driver the ability to control the car with the yoke steering wheel. Spiritual Lounge tucks the steering wheel away for (theoretical) autonomous driving and fills the cabin with water-themed lighting and “soothing scents.”

Acura has highlighted the sustainable materials used to build the concept, including recycled plastic trim, biomass leather and recycled aluminum. More details are expected Thursday evening.

Acura Precision EV rear three quarter

About the Name

If the Precision name sounds familiar, it should. “Precision” is in both the brand’s tagline (“Precision Crafted Performance”) and previously tied to its history of influential concepts.

In 2016 Acura unveiled another idea car with the same name that has since defined the brand’s current design language. That includes the muscular, trapezoidal body lines, the characteristic diamond mesh grille and angular lighting like on 2021’s TLX, last year’s MDX and the new 2023 Integra. 

A Future Acura SUV EV built on GM architecture

Back in the real world, Acura’s first EV will be built in partnership with General Motors, which means it will get GM’s Ultium battery technology and platform. This comes as a result of a 2020 partnership between Honda, Acura’s parent company, and the American automaker. 

Acura Precision EV interior 1
Acura Precision EV interior concept screens

Like Honda, Acura is aiming to take its lineup of vehicles fully electric by 2040, even though the Japanese company continues to push hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles over battery-powered powertrains as the future of transportation. As a result, both the production version of the Precision and the related Honda Prologue will be built on the same architecture as the upcoming 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV.

The coming Honda and Acura models will be built at GM’s Spring Hill plant in Tennessee, the same place the Cadillac Lyric is currently being built. Acura will design the exterior and interior of the future EV, while GM is in charge of the powertrain and will engineer it to Honda and Acura’s specifications.

Acura Precision EV rear

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