Acapulco in Halifax is offering sticky rug for sale at £50 a piece to raise money for charity

Britain’s oldest nightclub is offering a sticky rug for £50 a piece to raise money for charity

  • Acapulco nightclub in Halifax is famous for its sticky carpets and cheap drinks
  • The club, which opened in 1961, decided to sell a 20-year-old rug for a good cause
  • So far, they have sold over 100 bits and raised £1,000 for homeless charity

Britain’s oldest nightclub famous for its infamous sticky rug sells bits of its old floors for £50 a piece to nostalgic revelers.

Acapulco in Halifax, West York, is known to gamblers for its distinctive swirl-shaped sticky grounds, and covers 75p drink offerings.

Now, liquor users have the opportunity to purchase a souvenir section of the sticky rug with prices ranging from £5 for an A4 piece to £50 for a larger framed piece.

Simon Jackson was inspired by the owner after hearing a young club celebrating his 18th birthday recount how his parents met at the club and his grandmother worked there.

Now, having only been sold for a day, it has already sold over 100 items and raised £1,000 for the local Street Angels charity, which helps the homeless.

‘It started as a joke,’ said the owner Simon Jackson, ‘I had a conversation with a boy who celebrated his eighteenth birthday, and he said his grandmother had been working there, and his mother had met his father there.’

Acapulco in Halifax, West York (pictured) is selling pieces of its infamous sticky carpet in an effort to raise money for the local homeless charity and they’re selling like hot cakes.

There were three generations of the same family celebrating.

“I remember the rug, is it the same rug?” said the mother. And I said it’s likely.

I told her that changing the carpet was on my list of things to do a few years ago, but things kept going.

They said “we should take a piece of it because it’s part of their family history” and some other people said they would take a piece of it.

We thought about how many people here have met and received first kisses and birthdays whatever it is here.

The joke soon multiplied, and Simon—who worked as a DJ in the early 1990s before buying the club in 1995—decided to cut some of the pieces and sell them to gamblers.

He added: ‘We knew the Street Angels were struggling for money so we thought we’d try to get some money for them because they don’t get any funding.

Sales started live at 2.30pm on a Wednesday and by 4.30pm we had sold over 100 items.

Owner Simon Jackson came up with the idea after hearing a family discuss how three generations were connected to the club, which opened in 1961 and started fundraising as a joke.

Owner Simon Jackson came up with the idea after hearing a family discuss how three generations were connected to the club, which opened in 1961 and started fundraising as a joke.

By 5pm that night we had raised over £1,000 for the charity so hopefully we can get a few thousand of them. If we could get a few hundred bonuses, we’d be happy.

It was just blown up, we couldn’t meet the demand.

“We had to take it out of the skip and clean it up for the rest of that.”

The club has been a staple of former mill town nightlife since 1961 – before the first man landed on the moon and color televisions – and generations have walked its infamous simplicity for more than 20 years.

Famous faces who have appeared at the club over the years include former glamorous model Katie Price and Eastenders Hardy man Steve McFadden who played Phil Mitchell.

There were fears for the club’s future when it caught fire in 2019, but thanks to the firefighters’ quick response, it reopened the following night.

Simon added, “It’s famous for three things; being really old I sell drinks for 75p and carpets.

“It doesn’t look that bad, it just subsides in some places.”

The club created a grid-like map so that anyone interested in buying a piece of the rug could decide exactly where they wanted it.

Simon added, “It would be great if people could buy the carpet spot where they met their first kiss or met for the first time.”


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